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Missing Avatars or EXP from Galen Sunsword?

There were some technical difficulties when giving out the rewards. If you are missing avatars or EXP or the new badge don't worry, this will be fixed by Nisovin soon.


  • Thank you Nisovin, we appreciate what you do behind the scenes
  • Thanks Nisovin! Please let me keep my EXP and the badge
  • Thanks Nisovin!
  • ah! panic!
  • Actually now that I look at it I never got my order of chaos badge either. Just went back and checked and the previous four divine decision winners never got it. Not sure if that's a system error or something that needs to be done manually though.
  • Thanks Nisovin!
  • thanks nisovin 
  • I don't know if this is the place to put this but I also just realized that I never got my Season 2 donator Accolade
  • thanks for the notice :dank: 
    I got my xp for showing up but i'm missing my 10k points from voting correctly in the pony race. 
  • ty nisovin. i love your city btw.

  • I know its only a single vote difference and Rob and Nisovin are working hard on all things involved with the show, I just hope it can be resolved before the next campaign so that those that deserve that extra level or so from the pony race can have their extra votes in the Divine Decision.
  • @Ventinor I have my Order of Chaos badge....
  • @TaeyRurj @Ventinor those badges are done manually. You will get the badge soon, it's on the to do list with the rest of the fixes.
  • Rob
    edited May 2018
    This should now be fixed. Leme know if you believe their is still an error with your account.
  • Hey @Rob I went 'All in' but got 20200exp before having 10k taken away as I chose turtle. Left with 10200exp from the last campaign which I don't think is correct. Does this need to be tripled as the event said 'However if you win you will triple your bet'. Thanks for your help  :)
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    Can't wait to get any avatars I'm missing (which are quite a few I feel like), thanks Nisovin fixing all the things
  • Thanks guys! You’re the best!
  • Sill missing exp since I bet on the right mount and won. I'm also missing the badge that you get, for picking the winner.

    Hope it gets sorted out  :)
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    So Im still missing my accolite and 10,000XP for winning the race BTW. I don't know if that was fixed yet or not
  • You know I haven't checked my Avatars page in awhile and I realized I'm missing 6 Campaigns worth of Avatars.
  • Rob
    edited May 2018
    @Stara @Knifu_Waifu

    Neither of you voted in the race according to our database so without anything recorded there is nothing I can do for you two. Perhaps you weren't logged in or didn't vote until after the race started. It could be there is a bug in our system, but there is no real indication that is the case right now.

    edit: I was curious if you guys voted in the Divine Decision and Art Contest and both of you didn't vote in that either. I can see you were both at the campaign, but something must be preventing you two from voting.
  • @Sgtslow I'm guessing you did not donate.

    Avatars are awarded to donators, but for the first campaign that had avatars attached to it they were given to everyone who saw it by mistake. 
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    @Rob Weird I did vote for it, but in the race and the Divine Decision, when I clicked it my choice it never became highlighted. Maybe that had something to do with it? Yea I was there for the entire campaign, I voted for Roamin for the Divine Decision and the moose/elk/whatever it was for the race.

    Man that sucks, I understand if you don't just give it to us on our word and that you want to keep cheaters from faking it, but aww geez, I thought I got lucky with that race for once. Oh well
  • Still seems like I haven't gotten the double Exp from donating towards All in (I voted Groundbold in the race, however).

    But if this is an issue that only plauges me, then I don't mind. I just wanted to give a bit of money to the show. If this would take you more than 5 more minutes of work to sort out for just me, I'd rather not put that stress on you and instead just settle on the 5000 exp I've already gotten @Rob
  • @Sonderp This is fixed. Not sure why yours was never doubled in the original, so maybe there are other users like you who haven't gotten their xp.
  • @Knifu_Waifu

    Yup it sounds like you weren't logged in or something dude. I got nothing that proves the decisions so I can't really award anything.

    @Knifu_Waifu @Stara
    What browser were you using? Do you have adblocked enabled on this website and what kind?
  • @Rob I was using internet Explorer at the time, and had no Add block. It's fine I understand these things happen.
  • oh, it's correct now, thanks!
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    @Rob I'm using Chrome. I do have an Adblock extension, but I normally have AdBlock disabled when I use this site.
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