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Campaign Thread: The Last Beenu



  • Wooohooo!!!
  • Anyone else get a massive Made in Abyss vibe from that large drawing of Final Talon? It's almost the exact style of the Map of the Abyss.
  • @ulthax ahhh yeah uncle lovecraft’s special murder hole.
  • Damn i am so ready for this campaign
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    this is what i been waiting for! the era of the Old Gods will truly begin! cant wait!
  • So hyped for the next campaign! And the quality for these announcement videos are only getting better! 
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    So hype. But lets be honest for a few seconds.  The last beenu will probably die in this campaign.
    (i hope not).

    wait.....what if we made the divine a beenu and his goal is to bring back the beenus
  • I'm sad I might not be able to make it. The campaign reveal trailer has me too hyped up for me to miss it.
  • there is already so much i want to talk about from this. 

    first, my guess for the divine decision is we get to choose to make an good or evil god.

    what happened to Orvan Weiss?

    which one of us old gods made a deal with maelstrom, and what was the deal?

    what did the skull with 5 on it mean?

  • @kreeperkiller63 I bet the five might be about five sins
  • I think the Divine decision is about what we will do with ghostblade @kreeperkiller63 ;

  • @CookiesAndMil_ i thought it is probably the sins too, but what of the skull, could bopen be involved?
  • @Spacewalker i suggested that the choice will be a choice between good and evil because, maelstrom had a angel and devil over his shoulders, and with what he was saying it gave me the impression of we choose. but rewatching the and of the video it dose make more sense for the DD to have to do with ghostblade's fate.
  • I always thought Bopen had a very distinct laugh, now Maelstrom is using it. Either disappointing, or a hint at possible undead-god time travel shenanigans to come.
  • here is what the cut off text next to the Final Talon illustration reads:
    ...Exact date
    ...really just
    ...any of my
    ...memory just anyway
    ...control of
    ...dition and
    ...truely the
    ...they never serving
    ...ho the

    Not sure if it is anything useful but hey, might as well.

  • woops haha, nevermind then. Fortunately only 10 minutes were wasted on it @kreeperkiller63
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    @kreeperkiller63 ;  it is the same as in the sandbold. mealstrom says in the preview  of that campaign that the old gods will decide what he will do next. and the divine decision was about what we will do with the sandbold. And because the preview looks a lot like the sandbolds preview, it almost certain we will decide what to do with ghostblade.
    edit: what if we make another dragon (ghostblade). and we just turn the big cave into a dragon fight area
  • I'm glad that Maelstorm is taking his new Usher job so happily.
  • something interesting i found maelstrom said hope died, with Bopen killing Virgo in the back ground, while i think that hope is still very much alive because hopen for bopen.

    thought bopen is a skeleton so I guess hope is dead.
  • @Spacewalker The Last Beenu is probably Ghostblade, since this is a Ghostblade-centered campaign. Ghostblade won't die, either, since she has plot armor and if she fails a Death Roll another player will die instead
  • @kreeperkiller63 I mean, we don't know if Bopen is still alive when Maelstrom reaches divinity
    Remember that this dialogue happens far in the future compared to the events of SK, SoD and TP

    Though I like the idea that Maelstrom considers Bopen as a "hope", maybe because he wants to achieve a world where everyone is immortal like before the Birth of Magic
  • Is it weird that I have the perfect old god for the story Robs going with
  • You guys think since the 5 sins were shown that maybe the "fate worse than death" is that the character in question becomes like a conduit for whatever monstrosity we end up making? 
  • @Kyle ; she can die in the last act. If you read the description it says that the preview takes places just shortly after act 5. So that means act 5 ghostblade no longer wearing plotarmor 
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    The interesting part is that mealstrom expect that one day he will be killed, even when he is a divine
  • Hmm... Maybe bopen is the fifth sin? Rob said he had special plans for the fifth sin, and open is obviously one of his favorite characters. 
  • the event at final talon where the aspects tried to bring Phanto back had to of taken place after Azveltara Z, as final talon was the last construction of the beenu. and Azveltara Z was only the start of there extinction. for the time line.
  • I wonder what Rob's part of the ooc art is.
  • So excited for Saturday!
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