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Why Urealms Kobolds are Canine

So i was looking into kobolds yesterday, working on a DnD character concept, when I came across a concept called a Cutebold. Apparantly they were smaller, more dog like Kobolds that were lees antagonistic of a race. And where did these "Cutebolds" come from? Dwarf Fortress, which I believe partially inspired Dwarves Versus Zombies, which is a huge influence on Urealms.



  • If I recall the Kobolds in URealms are Canine 'cause of a fan or somebody suggesting it to Rawb back in the Unforgotten Realms days that Rawb was like "I like that". - Although the first mention of dog-like kobolds was in D'n'D although they were then turned into more lizardy (although the Japanese kept 'em as dog-folk). - I'm probably remembering the Unforgotten Realms part wrong, but eh.
  • Those are adorable.
  • Kobolds to me always seemed more like bears or rats.
  • @UnluckyBimi The original fan drawing for Kobolds looked like this:

    The reason for why they're more Canine in URealms, then vague furry monster in the Cartoons, is because that's how either Meganzoor or Sixelona drew them, and it stuck. (At least, that's what I heard, I could be wrong.)
  • Come on guys. It's pure fan service. Some people like that sort of character design. Some people like an extreme degree.

    I make doodles. But when I draw Kobolds. They look like rocks. Like actual rock people. Because at my table. Sandbolds do not poop valuable gems. And porcs aren't as silly.
  • Cutebolds are some of the most fun DnD enemies to encounter. They're adorable, and easy to gain loot from. 

    Kobolds are rock dog people in Urealms, and I love that. Dumb lizard people is boring and unoriginal. Rock dogs that eat rocks and pop gems? That made me giggle and is 10% of the reason I stayed.
  • I think it just boiled down to the artist drawing them. When Rob drew them they were just fuzzy jagged things, when RadioactiveK drew them the got a small muzzle and got a bit cat-like, and when Sixelona draws them they have longer muzzles and are more dog-like. 
    It's all just artist interpretation. The only thing set in stone (pun intended) about the look of kobolds is that they have fur made out of rocks and are a little smaller than an average dwarf.
  • @Zeeboon I don't think a kobold is smaller than a dwarf, but you're right that the artist's style affects the design a bit!
  • I'm trying to make it so they have varied muzzle styles, but yeah a lot of them have had longer muzzles. I keep forgetting they can have shorter ones, hehe

    A lot of it also probably is because I've been trying to improve my animal anatomy and it just carried over :)
  • @RaHuHe Pretty sure the actual origins behind Unforgotten Realms Kobolds, and by extension the ones seen in URealms, is that they were based on how Rob confused Kobolds and Gnolls and thought that Gnolls were the lizard-y ones and that Kobolds were the canine ones. Hopefully this helps clear things up.
  • Japanese mistranslation. Theres quiet a few games where the monsters are called kobold when they are more likely to be gnolls.
  • I like them better this way. :smilebold: 
  • I want some pug like kobolds.
  • @Meganzoor Woops, my bad, I probably had the tall dwarf figure in mind.
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