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Qu33n's Box Round 2

 Ok, it's been a while, like a really long time since i've posted anything on here and I really want to get back into some funtimes fanart. It's been a real struggle for me to even want to draw since my brother passed away, which is why I stopped doing my bi-weekly art prompts. I would love to see them come back some time, hopefully. Anyways, since im stubborn and arting and nerding about art are a large part of my life, I can't just not draw weird crap. I hope i'll be picking up productivity soonish* Here's a few of some things i've done in the meantime.  spoilerly because it saves space

Oddworld things

oddworld meech

oddworld fleech

oddworld scarb

oddworld paramite

These are from an art challenge/coop with other Clark /IronClark were i made monsters to go along with his weapons for a week!

Hallucinator from the Go Nitro realm

A couple Urealms creatures

Vhaark concept

Maelstrom dragon boy concept

I've been a bit addicted to Monster Hunter World lately so you can expect plenty of beasts from there as well

Bazelgoose WIP


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