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Character Names

for part 2 of the Urealms story I'm writing, I've reached the point of introducing a lot of new characters... though I have some names thought out. I would like to here your suggestions for character names.


  • usually when i need a name, i just type of bunch of letters in a semi random way like, Grjob, PcIov. Atomoow, Wafilad.
  • 4 letter names are the best names. Check my profile and you'll know what I mean.
  • i like making large families where i can use Roman numeral system. lets me use old names and make it a fun thing at the same time. 
  • When in doubt, you can try using an anagram website to mix up two short characteristics of the character and see if any fun sounding results come out. If there's something that sounds *almost* good, you obviously can just mess with it a little and while it wont be an anagram anymore, you've got a name you're settled on.

    In one campaign I was a player for, the GM had lots of characters to name, and he did so comedically by giving most of them alliteration based names that sometimes included a characteristic of the character. For lighthearted NPCs or campaigns, this can be effective.
  • 5 letter names are so much better.
  • I'm an advocate for six letter names myself.
  • I think four letter names are good too but i have a strange attraction to the letter t.
  • I'm one of those people who can pull a decent-sounding name from thin air, and customize it to suit the linguistics of a fictional race/world decently well, so I can't really give any advice in that regard. However, if you want human-ish names, I recommend this tool. It can pull up lots of stuff you might not consider, and gives you name meanings so you can have something that sounds good, and is thematically relevant to the character.
  • You could always take a real name, and take a couple of letters of one by one until it sounds pronounceable. There is also the idea of just turning a word/characteristic into their name.

    A person that can't sleep?
    That's not a name!

    Much better!  :)
  • Names?! Uh yeah, I got one... PJ... Fosset... Johannesberg... PJ Fosset Johannesberg! But you can just call me Dai.
  • I've got a few that I've come up with, mostly based of my friends favorite jokes and memes. But you can definitely use them yourselves and nobody will be any the wiser.

    Bigly Winnings
    Manskan Everbee
    Ivanna Vuck
    Calmei Broh 
    Efyeu Reggie
    Dragonlayer McSmoouthe 
    Sexecutioner Pornstein (These last two are meant to be a pair based off Dark Souls)
  • @GypsyCow, I like Ivanna Vuck... I might incorporate it as one of the characters into the story
  • @Maris rly? Aryu sure about that? 4 letter names are so much more refined.
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