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why is this show important to you?


  • Because it's a culmination of Rob's talents and past work brought together to form the innovative masterpiece that is URealms Live. I love giggling at extremely old references that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise if I wasn't a fan of his as a kid.
  • Cause I like anything involving Rob. 
  • The show is greatly entertaining and there's so much energy emanating from it. There's so much potential for interesting stories due to the lack of good and evil, I wish more stories did that.
  • i completely agree @Galeden
  • rewatching the old tuna bandits rust makes me wish they would do something with schmee the goblin of the east @Cloud
  • Because it's really entertaining. Simple as that.
  • I like the story and I'll watch anything Rob makes. 
  • It's fun. Plain and Simple.
  • I would always play little role playing games, as a little kid, when I didn't know what dungeons and dragons was. I started watching Urealms when it came out because I already watched rob for Minecraft, and I remember editing my little role-play games to fit the Urealms universe. Eventually I got my computer and played actual Urealms. I joined a D&D group recently and thought "Why are there so many dice rolls, just get on with it." Role-play games have always been part of my life, and the show combines that with great humor and a intriguing story. Plus, I've fallen in love with Robs work, and have went back and watched all of the big things he has made.
  • I tend to watch anything Rob has ever done since his days in DvZ and so on. He brings an energy and enthusiasm that I have appreciated and enjoyed for these last 5 years and with his work Urealms has only built on top of that.
  • been following Robs content seen the original unforgotten realms, and when he came up with urealms live, i feel like the show struck accord with all the stuff that i am drawn to. it made me go from a average fan to a devoted one that follow all of the content he makes.
  • Cause I was dumb when it came to D&D 3 years ago, and Rob made it easy to understand since season 1 till now, now its cause im invested in the story and style of urelams that rob is making
  • I've enjoyed Rob's infectious shenanigans since DvZ, and watching URealms grow and transform has been a one of a kind experience for me. The energy and shared roller coaster ride of the live shows are something I look forward to every time. The Woodcarvers has a special place in my heart particularly. The final part with Vitali and Wanda helped me process and put to rest a final piece of personal grief I hadn't quite been able to on my own.
  • I have enjoyed watching Rob for a long time now, watching things on youtube and twitch always brings a smile to my face and I love it.
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  • I've always enjoyed RPG's as a kid, and have continued so since now. It then moved me to Youtube, where I would watch Rob as he would play DvZ, a combination of two things I loved at the time: Roleplay and Minecraft. This then furthered me into watching him for a while, until I got really excited one day for when Rob announced Nuren. Also, Urealms is kind of a simpler version of most RPG's to me, considering I don't have to go through papers to find one thing about my character in DnD.
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    I came from dvz and stayed because I liked it, i like what rob makes. It’s more robs cool show then urealms the intriguing rpg. Don’t get me wrong it’s interesting and I like it. But if rob decided to go drop everything twitch stream the game of the month and dab for jimmys donation I’d watch it because in spirit it’s still robs cool show. Although it’s more come for the rob stay for the show more I think about it. Still watch rob dab for at least 3 months though.
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