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What is the best campaign for new people to watch

One of my m8s was looking into getting into the show what are some ideas you guys have for this. I did show him the unforgotten tales so that is a start.


  • Ps i want something in 3 and 4 season 
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    3 and 4 season? There isn’t a 4th season yet. Did you mean seasons 2 and 3?

    im going to suggest blood snake queen, you don’t need any pre knowledge going into that campaign, it’s funny, rob explains things more so than normal because it was millbee’s first. It gives a pretty good idea of how the show works.
  • Honestly the most recent campaign with Galen Sunsword would work really well. For starters, the campaign doesn't rely much on knowing previous lore, so it should be approachable in that aspect. Also it's a heavily role-play focused campaign, and as such has lots of jokes, and is shorter than other campaigns. The humor in this one was fantastic as well, so it's a good way to show just how funny the Urealms can be. 

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    I don't want to start him off with something that is super far back. If i do i think he will find the show to boring because the old season are a little dull at least to me. I will have him go back and watch the rest after he is done 
  • @Caprikel
    Yay i was kind of thinking that but just wanted some other options. 
    Also your in it and that is cool, he can get a idea of the old gods to  
  • I think "The Purge" Might be good because it's focused mainly on the new characters and any characters that were in past campaigns are mainly enemies.
  • I'll always start people off on band of thieves, and encourage them to watch every campaign thereafter. Except Gobos of Pat, because it's noncanon and pretty dull. I think thieves was a great campaign with lots of jokes and very simple concepts easy to get used to. Besides, it's where most of us started anyhow.
  • I would say woodcarvers.
  • I would say I have no clue
  • Unexpected Discovery might be a good bet. Has a few strong characters, not much background is needed, and the ending and boss battle is one few other Urealms episodes live up to.
  • A good first could be sunswords or unexpected discovery both had a good balence of combat and role play and hat some of the best characters.

    I think the cobblers or zarlin catacombs are good second campaigns to the Show depending on what was watched as the first one. The lore was easy to understand and the playes kept it going their was a lot of combat for both really.
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    I don’t think it should be the first campaign that someone watches, but The Sunswords was really funny with all of the RP. Even though it is pretty far back, it is a classic.
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  • Surprised no one has mentioned The Murder Bros. It's the campaign I always recommend people to show to their friends. The campaign practically characterizes URealms with the almost excessive amount of jokes, while still holding true to a central plot. It's also got very few lore tie-ins, making it good for new viewers, and if they enjoy it there's a direct sequel to follow it up with.
  • I would choose either Sun swords or Porc Hunters (ik its S1 campaigns but I think the comedy in these campaigns is a great way to hook people to the show), but In season 2 or 3, Murder Bros or Okagnoma, for both of them are very comedy based and aren't too heavy in previous lore (maybe Murder Bros) (the main reason I wouldn't suggest Galen Sunsword: PI, is the end scene with Gwenyth can only be truly appreciated when u have known Gwen from her previous campaigns before.)
  • The Season 3 Premier; the Grand Paladin Order is a good one.
  • I'd think objectively the best start would be the Silvermine Mountains because, like Rob said, that campaign more or less set the stage for so much of what would come from the focus on Ageless, the look into the dragons, the importance of Gwyneth and the Sunswords, very lore heavy but with one or two good bits of combat. If you want something in Season 3, I'd go with Senate of Deadlantis, for similar reasons (but also cause Roamin as a senator was amazing).
  • i think that the experience of watching every campaing starting from the nuren one its something that no one should miss, if you start in a advance show you might not want to watch some of the old ones because of the lack of technologie and the differents (antiques) battle systems, i honestly think that your friend should watch from the very begining so he could travel with the guys and all of us in this journey that we call URealms
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    I wouldn't recommend Nuren, not unless you want to do a comparison of how urealms started vs how it is now, but even then that would be a personal preference for yourself and might not necessarily interest any friends. If I wanted to introduce someone to urealms I would choose the most recent campaign and let them decide if they want to go back to watch the older shows or not.

    I would also warn them of the shows that are not canon, since that is important to lore.
  • Woodcarvers! 
  • If you go by Season 2 (since there is no season 4 yet) I would recommend Murder Bros. As far as Season 3 goes, the current season, I would recommend you go with either Galen Sunsword, the latest one for entertainment value. Or Azveltara Z for the Shock Value.
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