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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @Femmipoo ;
    The adventurer looks really cool, and it's nice to see a background in your drawings.... (I think I need to work on those a lot soon...)

    It has a neat shape to it.

    The dice is really well structured and the shading is well done from the lighting perspective. 

    I did the pebble boy, but the boy turned into brad (Just bought and played Lisa the Joyful and finished it today) so it's a pebble man... I guess he ages.... Or was the lore that they keep replacing them... I guess I need to go to the wiki to check oh well. ( Also the image is simple today so yeah...)

  • You know what would be fun to do? A collaborative comic strip! I sort of have an idea for a short story board so we can try the idea out!
  • @Javo I'm a big fan of earthy colours, nice work!

    @siennamydog Looking good, I really like the sharp lines and edges too. I'd be down for the comic collab, it sounds fun! :p

    @TheGallantKnight Pebblebrad is fine too! I like the texturing in the grass around the edges.

    I really like the art of Adam Adamowicz, so here's a vague study/copy of some of his concept art for skyrim. It's a live version of one the the dragon priests, but I mostly just picked it because it looked cool. Original


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    @siennamydog ;
    A collaborative comic strip sounds like fun. If you can get the storyboard done then I'm more than happy to try it.

    You did a great job on capturing the feeling of the original art while keeping it your own still. In other words it looks fantastic.

    I felt like making something sad today for no apparent reason.... I'm serious I just wanted to make something on the sadder side since I really don't do that to often. Also I was running out of time so I just used shades of blue to color.

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    Ok, I am still working on the story board and I hope to be done before the end of the week. In the mean time I have concocted a cover page. I will almost certainly be changing it a little later to add more details, references, and flair, but for now this works as a good teaser.
    So far it looks like we each will do around 2 panels each at most, and I will probably condense it even further. 18/365

    Now, if there are any passive viewers of this thread that want to get involved, please let me know because I would love it if you joined in! Even if only for this comic and not the larger challenge.
  • Here's a quick one for yesterday, a close-up of a slime!

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    @TheGallantKnight I certainly have nothing against monochrome  :p Looking good dude.

    @siennamydog maybe he'll find my missing 5 blue gems. Or was it 7 red gems? Keen to get going (no rush of course), and it would be really cool if there was some lurkers that were interested it joining, too!

    Edit: Missed @javo because I didn't refresh, that's a cute slime. I really love the expression and the colour picking.  :o

    Quick one today. Or I did a bunch of stuff in my sketchbook but my scanner is buried under a bunch of loose paper and I don't feel like dealing with that right now, so here's some highbears.

  • Here's mine for today!

  • @siennamydog ;
    Time to hopoe that we can keep that family friendly title true.... :wink: 

    @Femmipoo ;
    The high bears look adorable.

    The slime looks cute, and the man in the portal has a really well defined style to him... I like it.

    I just wanted to make a picture where 2 people danced but it turned into my hero academy... I think I have a problem... (Also Izuku doesn't look right to me)

  • Ok, so I spent all my drawing time on the story board and am finished*. I got so into it that I even drew a second unrelated story of about 12 panels. This means we can choose which story we want to do. Now, in the interest of not spoiling the story for our lurkers until it is drawn out I want to PM you the story boards rather than just post it here.

    Send me a PM on the website or preferably to my discord account (Sienna Wolvenstien#3770) and I will send you a copy with notes. Though tomorrow will be rough for responding to messages, so if I don't get back with you right away assume that I got your message but am busy. (Aren't finals great!?) 
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    @Javo Your guy seems pretty melancholy... blue, even  :o. For real though, nice work!

    @TheGallantKnight Looks fine to me! Loving the gesture too.

    Here's a beenu with a different brush than normal. I like the brush but my colour choices weren't the best because everything blends together.

  • Here's another!

    And another backup!

  • @TheGallantKnight This made my evening immensely more amusing and amazing. Thank you kind hoomun.
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    @Femmipoo ;
    The Bennu looks so edgy, as if he is ready to fight for his family's legacy..... I like it.

    The first one looks a lot like an alien you would see from a horror movie while the second one's pose is amazing. :smileporc: 

    @Finche ;
    I'm glad you liked it. :drunk: 

    @siennamydog ;
    I'm ready for the comic strip at any time

    I don't really do portraits of people looking away so... 


  • @Javo Boith are looking good. I like the detail on the hair in the second one!

    @TheGallantKnight Very nice dude! Big fan of the warm/earthy tones.

    Quick one tonight because I've been sorta busy today. Just a lady with some puffy pants.

  • @Femmipoo ;
    She looks great, and the puffy pants looks really nice on her.

    I did something quick today because reasons. (Yes reasons)


  • @TheGallantKnight I wonder what reasons those could posibly be? Looking very unimpressed with something in the lower left corner! :o

    Busy as well today, so here's some sketchbook doodles that I scanned.

  • @Femmipoo ;
    The bears look cute, and I could ask you the same question. :drunk: 

    Another quick sketch 

  • Here's one for today!

  • just popping in for my daily art fix, all is looking awesome you guys! id like to request an otter know..why not
  • Hey, if y'all are ever stuck for ideas, a flower person would look p nice in your styles, I think  :3
  • Here's mine for today, me sketching some skeleton hands! (number 75 I think)

  • I just made a quick patch today, nothing special. Im currently working on a side project that demands most of my available drawing time (Mind you, when that time is not being eaten up by finals)

    So I now present, The Unofficial Tuna Bandits Patch! 19/365 

  • @TheGallantKnight Looking sweet dude, love the hue variation in the skin.

    @Javo I really like your clay stuff, it's really cute. The skeleton hands are spoopy.

    @siennamydog Patch looks really good. The tuna is really cool!

    Here's yesterday's, just a doodle. Picked up a nasty cold and spent most of the day yesterday in bed lol. Already feeling a bit better today though so hopefully it won't last :p


    @Qu33nAce Otter knight sounds cool so here it is. I'm personally of the opinion that otters are too cute for the duties of knighthood, however. :o

  • Here's one for today!

  • And another backup, two talking skulls!

  • @Javo
    You seem to be taking a liking to bones... (They look really well done)

    The tuna bandits badge looks really cool. (And I understand the pain)

    The first one looks incredibly sassy, and the otter knight just looks cool.

    @Murlin22 ;
    Thanks for the complement. :smile: 

    Finals are destroying my schedule right now but their's a silver lining to this. One of my finals in a video project, and I have to draw all of it... So for the next week or two you're probably going to see what I making for it. (All I did the last two days were creating two different art styles for it so my group can decide which one they want to use) Mind you that the drawings have to simple

    63/365 and 64/365
    Based the first one off extra credits, and the second is something more random.

  • Here's mine for today, some sort of spirit! We're getting pretty close to that 100 mark!

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