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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • Here's mine for today!

  • @Javo I think it says "no bricks (x2), press button". Looks really cool, I like the shiny look and the details of the top.

    Here's mine tonight because apparently I like wasting time drawing chainmail but not swords. I know horned helmets are unrealistic but they look cool so it's there lol.

  • @Femmipoo Close, but it says no tricks
  • Here are mine for today and yesterday, a strange pig and a squirrel dinosaur!

  • @Javo Damn, I was close with that translation. I really like the dinosaur squirrel, although I probably wouldn't like to meet it. Pig is looking good too!

    I was planning on doing something more interesting than these hands yesterday, which is why I didn't post, but I never got around to it. So here we are, some hands I guess. I actually like drawing hands, but also I've been practicing a bit recently too.


    And here's a house, very interesting. The perspective gets worse the longer you look at it, I probably should have used a guide or something to keep my lines straight but I was being sorta lazy.


    @TheGallantKnight friendly poke, hope your assignment hasn't done you in yet :kiss:
  • Here's mine for today, another masked individual!

  • @Javo Looking good! I like how you did the eyes, the green really stands out.

    Not much to say about today's, so here it is. The tail is probably too long but I'm just gonna live with it.

  • Here's one for today! I'll probably do some more since I have time :smile: 

  • Here's one more for today!

  • @Javo Nice job doing two! I like how you changed the colour of the elvish to red when you wrote blood, spooky. The prism is also really cool :p

    Just a crocodile with long legs minding its own business.

  • Here's mine for today, a simplistic mask!

  • Also, @TheGallantKnight , don't forget to do your art!
  • @Javo Loving the symmertry dude!

    Finished a sketchbook today so here's a doodle scanned and with some digital colours added.

  • Here's mine for today, a body frame with a crude grip drawing in the bottom right!

  • @Javo Lookin good dude, the grip doesn't look crude to me! ;)

    Not much to say today except I cropped out the legs because they looked weird lol.

  • Here's mine for today! I redrew it quickly after my computer crashed, so it doesn't look as nice as it once did, but it is still good!

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    Everything looks fantastic, my favorite beingthe last one you made. 

    Is the man a viking? 

    I'm sorry I didn't post anything for about a week. When I was doing the game jam I feel asleep on my computer and when I woke it was off and it wouldn't turn on anymore. So, I had to wait a week to let my brother fix my computer and about an hour ago I got it back kind of fixed. (The worst thing is I lost everything I didn't backup on my computer so..... yeah.) i did however draw every day still I just think I shouldn't post it since I wasn't able to update you guys with the pictures every day so.... yeah.

    55/365 (Brad from Lisa.... play the game.... it's really good, and sad.... really sad)

    To make it up with everyone I'll do 4 commissions of anything you want for the next two days of varying quality....  SO GET YOU IDEAS IN OR CHARACTERS (And yes they can be oc's you want then redrawn by me for some reason) 
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    Im alive too! I had a crazy couple of weeks since it is rush time for boat welders (Salmon season is only weeks away!) I have also started using a new program for drawing, and while it is a pain to learn it definitely raises the ceiling for what I can do.

    Now then, on to the art!

    This time I decided to attempt to draw a skull since DeadBones is up next for a portrait. Now if had to change something immediately, I would redo the jaw and teeth. The upper set of teeth are way to far down, and the jawbone is more square than Spongebob. So decreasing the distance between the top of the upper teeth and the part where it starts flushing down will be a must.

    Another thing that needs work is learning how and where to add shade and off-white coloration, as it looks a little flat. 14/365

    @Femmipoo that looks cool! She kind of makes me think of The Last Airbender in terms of style, like maybe a waterbender attempting to be incognito in Fire Nation territory.

    @Javo It really does suck when you lose progress over a crash. It has happened to me during some especially gusty windstorms this year.

    @TheGallantKnight Glad to see your back too! I was getting a little worried when I didn't see you when i checked in every once in a while. If you are open to suggestions, I feel that it would be cool to see a picture of Deadlantis or maybe one of the dragon aspects we haven't seen yet.

  • I'm seriously sad that I only just now found this thread, it's absolutely amazing!  :o Most drawings I see in here would take me days or weeks to complete and respect to everyone who posts here! Good luck to everyone in here! 
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    @siennamydog ;
    The skull looks really nice, and I can't wait to see the deadbones portrait. 

    @Helicoly ;
    Happy to see you like the stuff here, and hopefully we can get through this without dying :drunk: 

    @siennamydog ;
    Since you asked for a dragon aspect that I don't believe we've seen before I made you 
    Ouro'ras (I tried to do Deadlantis.... it didn't turn out well so I did the dragon instead) Also I almost never make dragons, so I hope it's okay.

  • @TheGallantKnight ;
    Hey man, I really like your work! Especially that Brad man! Trying to play Joyful soon.  :(

    I was also wondering if you could maybe draw something a tad difficult. I was wondering if you could draw an Elf/Dwelf Enchanter, playing or commanding around a bunch of playing cards. Not like Alice in Wonderlands size, more of just them doing basic people things. Hope I didn't overcomplicate it.
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    @TheGallantKnight :wow: looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with @Nene 's suggestion

    Now then, on the the Deadbones portrait! This took more attempts than I would like to admit, but each one just slightly improved on the previous. So I now present: Deadbones! 15/365
    The shading kind of gave the jaw a little more depth, but I don't think I quite nailed it yet. But considering the last skully bones, this is quite the improvement.

    The new art program is really a huge help, as it has more powerful drawing tools than GIMP. Albeit with weaker photo-editing tools. I can only imagine what I can start doing when I fully learn how to use the software.
  • @Javo Loving all your figures recently! Looking good man.

    @TheGallantKnight Nice to finally see you back. I'm not familiar with the game but it looks super neat, and Ouro'ras is great too. It'd be cool to see a beast companion from the show, or the pebble boy if you're looking for urealms-centric suggestions.

    @Helicoly Thanks! It's not too late to join in if that's something you're interested in :kiss:

    @siennamydog Both skulls are excellent, I really like how analytical you are with your art. What new program are you using?

    Didn't post last night because I wasn't super happy with my drawing but after looking at it again today it's not actually bad so here it is.

    And a porc today. I wanted to do something funny for 69 but I ran out of time so I guess I just need to wait for the next funny number.

  • Hey everyone! Here are mine for yesterday and today!

    And this makes 70!! :smileneena: 
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    @Femmipoo I am now using Krita as my art program. I'm not certain whether it is the best free program out there, but for drawing it is better than GIMP.

    Today I finish off the cast portraits with Spiff! Now there is still much room for improvement, but this is the first time I was able to draw hair without immediately throwing my desktop out the window. I'm also a little happier with the eyes than with previous pictures. 16/365
    As for improvement, the mouth seems a little off, and the nose is very flat and 1 dimensional. The overall shape of the head seems a little blocky and warped, and there is a distinct lack of shading. I have no idea why shadows are so difficult for me to grasp when doing portraits, but in the end they always seem to make it look worse. I think next time I will do something with a painful amount of shadows to help work on that.

    If you have any suggestions as to how I can improve anything about my art, please let me know. I am really doing this to learn a new skill.
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    @siennamydog ;
    The deadbones portrait looks amazing it has a really nice look to it.
    Also the spiff portrait looks nice as well.
    Is the man in the first one an nervous assassin?
    Also the porc has some really cool proportions to it, and has a really nice look to it. 
    (also I'll make the pebble boy tomorrow)

    I need to learn how to read the text on your drawing's soon, and the table has a nice look to it as well.

    Now requested by @Nene I drew the dwelf enchanter, you didn't specify if they were a girl or boy so I hope this is okay. Also I was running out of time finishing this. (Major tests tomorrow) so I hope the rough edges are okay.

    57/365 (Dwelf enchanter)


  • Wow. Yeah, I didn't ask for a gender but I was more of asking for a surprise. It's no problem with the test man, hope you do well. Like I said, I really enjoy your art man!  :)
  • @Javo "vote Leopold Barringster" doesn't seem like a terrible idea, I just might  :o. Table looks good too

    @siennamydog Yeah krita's not bad, I use it to animate! That being said I don't animate often lol. I agree about the hair, it's really well done dude. If you need suggestions for things with painful amounts of shadows, anything with lots of small parts tend to be tricky; mechanical stuff too.

    @TheGallantKnight Looks good, I really like the dress (and all the dresses you do). Good luck on your test!

    Here's today's. Black and white as usual but there's a background sorta which is unusual so maybe it evens out lol.

  • Here's mine for today!

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    Today I didn't have as much time as the previous pictures, but I did want to practice shadows. So I drew one of the D20's on my desk. 


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