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Fan Stream on Saturday! The Voyage, the Graspers from the Depths starting Campaign

I am happy to announce the first stream for my fan expansion, Graspers from the Depths! As the title says, it will be held on Saturday, but we still need to iron out the time (the joy of time zones).
The players will be some of my fellow moderators on the URealms Unified Discord ( ).
The players in question is JaneEsp, Nicksternick, ARK and UniverseCat3.

The Campaign will take place hundreds, if not thousands of years before The Silvermine Mountains collapse. A disgruntled Elven Noble that recently got exiled from his family was told by a seer that his future exist on a continent far away across the sea, lands that no Elf ever laid their eyes upon. Wishing to just leave this world behind him, he used his still available gold to get himself a ship, get together a crew, and offer anyone that feels like him to get aboard his ship and start a new life. But he is in need of for specific people for his crew; a Lookout to make sure no one attacks the ship out of nowhere, a Cook to make food and refreshments, a Peacekeeper to make sure no one on the boat gets unruly, and a Cannoneer to help handle the cannons.

The streams (yes, planning to have more) will also dictate some cards that will be added with the next update of Graspers from the Depths(possibly at the start of season 4). This specific stream will decide a new crossbreed race that people on the discord will be able to vote on.Unless I find a platform people cannot cheat on, it will just be using the discord reaction system(that way people can still only give 1 vote for each option). The two that gets the most wins, unless it is like Elf and Dwarf since Dwelves exist, or Gnome and Dwarf since they are so close. Should also mention that Dwelves will not be an option to vote for. Sorry that wanted a "Half Elf, Half Dwarf, Half X" race~.

If you are interested in seeing the Character Creation, click the following link! 

If there are changes or we decide the time, I will post them on this thread. I'll see you on Saturday~


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