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URBot - A URealms DISCORD Bot!

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URBot is an unofficial Discord bot for URealms! I tried my best to fill it with commands and features that would help any URealms fans. Below is a list of all the supported commands:

All commands have full explanations, with examples and a visual representation on the bot's website:

Special thanks to @Sixelona for letting me test URBot on her server for a few weeks, as well as making the awesome cyborg porc head!


  • Hey there! I love this idea! We have sort of a mock up with a bot but we can't really do as much as we want with it. Is it possible to have it set up to roll a random:


    I like making random characters on the fly so I use a random command in discord but we didn't have enough room to add all the options...

    Can't wait to see your progress ♥
  • @Sixelona This should be very possible! Gonna add that to the list and I'll get working on it tonight. :)
  • Woah, this looks awesome :O
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    @Sixelona It was easier to do than I expected. Already finished!

    If you want to help test the bot, let me know! I should have a version done this week that does everything on the planned/WIP list.
  • I wouldn't mind help testing it, if you want to get it to me once you feel its ready enough but not ready enough to make public

    Is it designed to allow you to modify its selection? If I could locally change what cards, characters, etc. the bot can find for just my server that would be awesome, although if you've been designing it a different way and it'd take too much rework, that's completely understandable.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ do you mean something like blacklisting certain cards? or more like adding custom ones?
  • this looks interesting 

  • @Bigfoot either, but mainly adding custom cards.
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    @CookiesAndMil_ I just looked into how the forum links for custom cards are formatted, and it should be do-able! I'll add it to the list and I'll start working on it tomorrow.

    Characters are a different story. I'll look into that tomorrow.

    As for testing it out, send me a link to your server and I'll let you know.
  • Do you have a system for showing inventories within the program? Like a command to see exactly what your inventory is. Or would you just use the website or something?
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    there should be a ''make blood tear pizza'' comand
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    @Javo as of right now, chracters arent implemented. I have a general format for how I'll store them, but it isnt set in stone.

    As for inventories of characters, I'm not sure. If i end up adding custom character support (i'll need to look more into it tomorrow) then there's a possibility, but i cant be sure. I may end up just linking to the character on the site for inventories if I cant make it look nice in discord.

    Before I add custom characters, I'll first be implementing the existing canon characters (132 in total, with max 24 cards each) so it could be awhile. I'll add it to the list regardless, as this would be a useful feature!
  • @Revoltman I havent been reading much of the forums lately so im a bit OOTL. Whats blood tear pizza? :)
  • you know blood is red right? you know what's also red? you know that its in pizza? yes mashed tompatoes you know a replacement for mashed tompatoes? that's right......redguards yaknow the ones that are in skyrim? yea and what can you reap from a redguard? yes there blood you know what also has blood? that's right....blood tears 
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    @Revoltman so the blood tears we get each week is going towards a giant pizza? *mind explodes* 
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    I'll work more on some of the suggestions tomorrow, as well as update the original post with some picture examples of what's been done so far!
  • Thanks for adding my request/suggestions!!  :D
  • It looks awesome so far, can't wait to see what else you do with it :peace: 
  • @Sixelona I appreciate it, thanks! Stay tuned for more stuff tomorrow most likely :)
  • Very excited for this. I run a small friend server, but all of us are huge urealms fans ^^
  • Have you considered making the bot open source? This would be a really cool project to work on, and if its open source then it could continue to be maintained and updated even after any individual loses interest in URealms.
  • @thepaperpilot I have thought about this, but there would be some problems with doing so. (at least right now)

    Among other things, the main problem would be permission. The large majority of images used on the bot are Urealms assets, meaning I'll probably need rawb's approval if I want to release them as part of my project.

    I do plan to down the road, but as for right now this would be hard.
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    Custom cards have been completed! Ultimately I had to re-structure how cards are displayed, but now it will (hopefully) support any card combo.

    I made this test card and inputted the forum link into the command and this was the output:

    Still working on storing these per-server but it shouldn't be too difficult :)
  • Nice. This is a really good idea
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    Custom cards are now fully supported and can be added/removed per-server. Unless there are more suggestions, all I need is set up character stuff and i'll be ready to test it on a few servers.


    Edit: Added public trello to top of original post (and here)
  • Regarding per-server card customization, is it possible to allow URealms base cards to be blacklisted/removed? I've replaced somewhere around 80 of the base cards (my ruleset is based off the projected Anytime changes for season 4) so being able to reflect these changes with the bot would be a tremendously helpful feature. 
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    @GypsyCow Added to the list and the Trello! I should be able to make it fairly quickly.

    Side note about custom cards; using the normal card command to search for cards will also search through any custom ones on the server, which appears to be exactly what you'd want.

    Edit: Canon card blacklists per-server is now implemented :)
  • This is so cool, shame you'll have to change the data bases every season or whenever new cards get added 
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