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Question about Gold.

so since Gold is apparently Magic Solidified, i have two questions regarding it.

1. Can you still MINE for gold? like in ore form? or does gold ore not exist in this world, and you can only get it by having people make it?

and 2. can you still melt gold down into jewelry and the like? or is it always stuck in coin form?

I've been assuming the former is false and the latter is true, so gold ore doesn't exist, but golden coins still act like a metal that you can mine down to make belt-buckles and rings with. possibly giving them magical properties inadvertently in the process.

what do you guys think?


  • @TamTroll I assume the latter is true, as we've seen things made of gold and if somebody just went "Here's my magic, I released it in the form of a ring" I'll be impressed even as an old god. - The former, I could go either way in preference as it'd make sense for there to be gold around but at the same time you'd expect gold mining to be common practice among those trying to get really strong (especially magic-users) but we've never heard of it and it does seem like it'd be on-par with Silver in terms of people hunting for it.
  • I'm not entirely sure the credibility of actual cards vs actual lore, but on the gildedarmour it's made of gold. So, it must have some way to change it. Also, it feels a bit weird that armor made of solidified magic is pretty weak, but that's off topic. 

    With Dwarves, who are typically known for mining have plenty of gold for their race card vs Elves who are known for being more magical, getting 4 spells from their race card.

    I'd assume that Dwarves, as a stereotype in fantasy, wouldn't go just turning their magic into gold coins and would much rather go mining.
  • @PokeMastar We haven't really seen a typical fantasy dwarf though, when you think of it, that's fully bearded and a full-on warrior (K4 and Douglas are the closest we've got, and they were... well, you get the picture).
  • @UnluckyBimi I think Denzik came pretty close, at least as far as looks go. He may not have the cool sword to complete it, but the helmet brings him damned close. Thoughts?
  • @PokeMastar

    maybe the dwarves are more interested in wealth, while the elves are more interested in power. so the Dwarves spend all their time turning their magic into gold, while the elves keep their magic as-is?
  • Honestly, I could see it being either. On the gold ore specifically, I can imagine it as being a large amount of magic gathering in one place, and that being the form it took: A chunk of gold within the earth.
  • Maybe Gold forms at the areas where residue magic builds up like where a large battle takes place and there's a bunch of corpses whose residue magic seeps into the ground?
  • It could be that theres different types of gold. The magical kind and the mineral kind. I just finished watching Buckeroos and they mentioned there being a difference between dragon silver and normal silver (unless they retcon it later)
  • @Tilomentry Well, we already know there's Dragon Gold (as seen in Den of Devils) and normal Gold (what most people can create, as seen in Okagnoma), so unless there's 3 types of gold I don't really see that too likely.
  • I personally believe that you can mine for gold, but it is very hard to both find and collect, and it is almost a nugget of pure power, not as powerful as dragon gold, but a definite power boost.
  • There is dragon gold and magic gold. And considering that there was some in game discussion of silver versus dragon silver. I'd think it's reasonable to conclude that mineral gold and silver would exist in universe. Because as we must remember, "the most wealthy wizards are not powerful because they earned their gold. But, because they stole it from other wizards and dragons!"

    Thus as mentioned by Professor Izlante in Okanoma guild Hall, it is reasonable to assume that most people in universe and especially wizards. Are not willing to work hard to produce gold. Thus, most people would not be willing to mine it. So it makes sense that there would be mineral gold, but not much mention of tearing through dirt to get to it. When you can squese your hand and think really hard.
  • I personally doubt there is under ground gold, but there would certainly be ways to turn gold into other things.

    Now Im not sure of melting would work, but several treasure cards are golden or mention the use of gold in it. 

    A neat character concept could be that they turn their clothes into a super strong spell at the verge of defeat in combat. It's like carrying around a small reserve of extra magic at all times.
  • I like the idea of magical residue turning into gold deposits. I think that's my headcanon now.

    Sence there is Dragon Gold it could be an antithesis to Dragon Silver. I don't think Dragon Silver would be forged into anything since you know, it keeps the mortals living, So if we have anything made of silver it would probably be a mineral. Probably was named silver after Dragon Silver since they looked similar.
  • @Frkgr354 Magical Residue turning into crystallised magic (AKA gold) has been my head-canon for a while. All the races are filled with magic (well, to some extent), so I think it's safe to assume their planet/world/realm is also filled with magic (it has literal magical flowing through it in the form of dragon gold) so gold deposits should exist under those assumptions.
  • What about midastouch? Is the blood being turned into gold the same as conjuring gold from magic?
  • 1) I want to say yes, but since gold is tied to magical prowess, I like to think that Gold Mining is Grave Robbing, which is something some cultures might like, and some cultures might view as detestable, vile, and punishable by death. Also, certain creatures (especially creatures that for some reason can never access magic) wouldn't leave behind gold when they die.

    2) Maybe you can magically make Gold in a variety of forms, and Coins is just the norm. Who knows if it's even real coins? They could just be nuggets of magic for all I know.
  • @Tilomentry The explanation I use in my campaigns is that you're attempting to turn somebody else's magical energy into gold, and attacking the body's circulation of energy via the blood in order to do so. Extremely difficult to pull off on a living being, but incredibly effective when achieved. 
  • You know for the l just read the conjuregold card and it does say that it transforms air into gold. Which leads me to believe that gold is still a normal metal but it can be used as a fuel to create magic.
  • i haven't really thought about this before but enchantlife uses Dragon Gold. it doesn't really say if you conjure it or not, so maybe it isn't as rare as we thought it would be. 
  • @TamTroll
    Random thought what if the "earth" has lots of magic in it and thats why kobolds eat rocks there eating magic
  • Bopen wields a golden sword so I assume it is malleable
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    you might have gotten your answer in the The Last Beenu preview video, they do seem to mine gold.
  • @LexderMob i'm still not so sure. they didn't say what the beenu where mining for, did they? all the dragons were there when they tried to revive phanto, so it makes sense that gold is everywhere from the aftermath. 
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    @kreeperkiller63 ; your right they say 1000 of years ago when this tunnels where filed with gold. which could mean a lot of thinks. like a part of phantos like a talon could have landed there and what they where mining was the gold from the talon in the ground.
  • @LexderMob holy shit, maelstrom just said thousands of years ago, their isn't reason this can't be canon we can make a time line, this is what i'm doing to rest of the day.
  • I would assume that if gold were magic and magic is natural in the world then you could in indeed mine gold as it may naturally appear in the world.

    I also think that gold is not summoned necessarily in coin form, but rather the people of the world have decided that this weight worth of gold is called a "coin". After all, since you can't really scale up your currency as it's the currency it's self that is the commodity, how would large amounts of gold even be traded? I assume by weight. 100k of gold coins should be worth x weight is the way the realm would operate.
  • @Rob ; cool that´s interesting way to do it. i didn't really think about it that way. but it does make sense.
  • @Rob could that mean that spelunkers aren't just necessarily looking for treasure but are basically Magic hunters?
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    Alright awesome, thanks for the clarification Rob!

    Do wonder if that means that Conjured gold is more in the shape of spheres or lumpy rocks that are just called coins or have "coins" of weight in place of "Karots" rather then being flat, round coins by our definition, but that's a question for another day.

    Good news is i have an excuse to let my custom race with little to no magical experience have golden items, they actually CAN mine for it! :P
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