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What was your first piece of content that you found of Rawbs and how did you get to URealms?



  • i got to rob through tuna bandits and then never left
  • Years ago someone showed me the video Jimmy The World of Warcraft Story. I thought it was hilarious, and explored his other stuff. I remember really liking Pepitoz and quoting it a ton. After that I didn't really follow his stuff for a while (I was bad about that then.) Then The Escapist had a new show out called Unforgotten Realms. I was hooked instantly. Then the show went off The Escapist. Then the show stopped. I got distracted with other stuff for a while. Then on a whim I rewatched Unforgotten Realms and noticed there was a new show. I started watching after season 1 and have been hooked ever since.
  • Good ol DvZ, first one of the videos and from there on the streams n stuff. Just kept watchin more and more from then on.
  • Got into Rob's stuff when Etho was on DvZ back in the day. But later I learned that Splash Attack was made by Rob, so I guess that's really the first time I found any of his content!
  • I was sat with @Charliemadman who had been a fan since Bruce's Gym days, he told me that I might enjoy playing this "cool minecraft game" which was DvZ, I got hooked and basically played DvZ for months on PMC not even knowing about the videos, I saw that Lords of Minecraft opened and Charlie tried to get me to play but I didn't give a fuck. About a month into LoM Chris told me he would pay my rent for a month if I went on - I did, realized there were videos involved, enjoyed it and that was basically the first time I watched content from any of the guys. Followed content from Rob, Justin, Coe and Roamin for a couple of years now so naturally I watched Urealms as it came out.  
  • Been with him since Escapist
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    back when i first got mc and was wondering around looking for random server to play on i came across so many bootleg dvz servers, they were pretty bad and confusing. i kept cycling through them until i found bruces gym, at the time i didnt know it was robs or related to rob (im a bit slow sometimes ok?) some time later i was watching some dvz videos and had sort of an "oh" moment where i sortta face palmed for myself
    oh right, i guess i sort of followed his content from there so of course i got into urealms!
  • For me it was watching and lurking around when he was doing PML with Deadbones. Still one of my favorite series to go back and watch and glad to say I got to watch DvZ grow as much as it did (shame I didnt have a nice enough PC to run Minecraft back then). Always been a big fan of DnD so when Rob announced he was getting into his own version of DnD I was aboard instantly
  • I remember watching Jimmy the world of warcraft story before it even got 100 views, but only during season two of URealms did I really start getting into his content. Really glad for that one friend who told me he made this type of content when I randomly spouted the trivia of being in the first 100.  :3
  • The old Unforgotten Realms cartoons on Newgrounds was where I first learned about Rob's stuff. I've been following ever since then.
  • I was a fan of Pause and around 2012 I found his DvZ videos. I thought Rob was hilarious so I re watched the videos very often. I didn't know that Rob had his own channel until I saw him in the comments section of one of Pause's videos. I went to his channel and binge watched just about everything and have been a  huge fan ever since then.
  • I started watching him after someone told me about DvZ, this was about a week after PauseUnPause released his first DvZ video, and so I watched it, when I heard the laugh of this crazy guy named Rob in one of his videos, I got hooked and have been watching Buffalo Wizard content religiously since then! 
  • I found him twice, once through the pokemon streams and once through a DvZ video he did with Etho. I didn't know they were the same person for about a month. I blame rawb having too many aliases.
  • Due to watching multiple mindcrackers I saw videos with him occasionally but didn't really stat watching him until the UHC he was in. Since then I've attempted to watch just about every video he's made.
  • I found him through DvZ simulations with Deadbones.
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    Found him through Etho on a DvZ video, got hooked ever since. Never got to play in any of the hosted, streamed DvZ games, but I definitely watched nearly every one! Some of the old VODs I'd kill to watch again, there were so many cool fortresses with completely procedural and organic designs, huge walls and strange underground structures, all custom-built with no guidelines except "keep the monsters out!"
    And the shops! You had to set up shops to get armor and weapons and stuff, so you needed space to put those shops, which meant the fortress was a gigantic castle with intertwining rooms and passages and battlements all over the place.
    I miss those times, even if Rob's stuff now has me more excited than ever. There was something beautiful about old DvZ.
  • DVZ with Etho
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    Originally, I had found UR on the Escapist after binging up to date in Yahtzee reviews. Though I did check out a vid or 2, it wasn't what i was looking for at the time, and i settled my bum arse back to playing games.
    Later i sub to Kurtjmac due to flob.
    Kurtjmac joins mindcrack and i sub to beef and poose (being my countrymen naturally)
    Poose plays dvz.
    since then.
    Its been allllllllllllll meme buss baby
  • Found Rob's work through DvZ and have loved all the content he's made through out the years.
  • Pause getting hanged for killing a jimmy  :)
  • Found out about the Buffalo Wizards from their Lords of Minecraft series which is when I became a fan. Watched all their videos since then and am in love with URealms!
  • aah this take me back,  Pkmn Rob :(   Team PHIJCKU will all ways live on
  • I found rob when I was really into watching PauseUnpause. It was when they started doing collabs that I really got interested in robs content. Through rob I also got into watching Justin streams and I also was able to meet Buttrug/ Kyle which has been a great experience for me.
  • My first content of his were his WoW machinimas. Thinking back to it, it wasn't even that I followed him rather than I kept running into his videos to the point where I'd seen all of his WoW machinimas by coincidence. I found him again after Pause started playing DvZ with him. This time though, I kept following him.
  •  I stumbled on one of his DvZ streams.
  • I first found Rawb back when he was doing DvZ and invited Pause and Etho to come play. Then I watched his Pokemon nuzelocke streams and became an official memeber of Team Phijkchu and it was history from there.
  • So there's a few of us ancient people here, I see. I hopped on the bandwagon after finding the original UR on the Youtubes, but before UR was redone (and continued) for the Escapist. To put my time in perspective for some of you, this was also before the Legendary Heroes Podcast which most of you have probably never heard of.

    We had several iterations of forums, with a strangely long standing community. Problem is, we were really damn cancerous. Seriously. I can confirm at least one of the rules on these forums now was directly our fault from possibly as long as 10 years ago. I remember when that rule was the "SWEET NEW RULE". I was a little disappointed to see only one of the SWEET NEW RULES was kept though, but oh well. To be fair, that wasn't our real cancer; our real cancer came later. If you're returning from those days, things like ha;dc may ring a bell to you.

    God that was stupid.

    Some of us from those days are still together elsewhere on the internet, meaning that the cancer has indeed metastasized. We're a benign tumor now though, not malignant. All we do now is remind our site admin that Prince died. The last moment of cancer we had was a few years ago when someone, uh...

    Let's not talk about that incident. I don't want to claim association with the responsible party for that one, because Rob almost certainly remembers that and might read this. That was one particular person having a moment of stupidity.

    But listen, many of you guys are probably in the same age range we were and I have some advice for you. Just stay chill and realize that disagreements you have here are ultimately meaningless and should be treated as such. Don't partake in drama and shit because that's probably at least 90% of the reason these forums stopped existing for years. It got that cancerous and Rob didn't have the time to be giving the forums chemo, radiation, and surgery constantly.

    I mostly came through here for nostalgia, and to see if I could spot someone else who came back after our cancerous days, but I might stick around.
  • I found Rob when Old DVZ was a thing in 1.2.5. I loved the game and Rob's sense of humor and wanted more, so I stuck around. Now I'm here. 
  • I was introduced to Rob's stuff back in the first iteration of Unforgotten Realms, I think around...episode 11? Whichever episode had the more updated art style. I've loved pretty much all of his stuff ever since, but I think this project is probably my favourite, you can really see all the love he and everybody involved is putting into this thing.
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