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URealms PvP Tournament - This Weekend [CLOSED]

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-I will be hosting a URealms PvP Tournament all weekend long starting on April 13th. Matches will start at 4PM EST

-The competition will begin on Friday, April 13th, it will be Double Elimination. There is no limit to how many players are able to join the tournament. All individuals that want to participate must be registered for the tournament by Thursday, April 12th. The Tournament will use a random seeding system to create the matches.

-The champion of the tournament will win bragging rights, and a special prize.

-All matches will follow the same format, Draft Phase, Creation Phase, and the Battle.

-In the Draft Phase, each team will alternate in banning 2 races and 7 classes each.
-Each team are then going to choose 2 races and 5 classes.
-All classes will be given 700 gold instead of the usual class gold.
-All races will be given 100 gold instead of the usual race gold.
-Dwarfs will be given 350 gold instead of the 100 gold.
-Keens will be given 250 gold instead of the 100 gold.
-There will be no gold rolls.

-In the creation phase, each team will create their characters to battle in the arena using the races and classes that they have selected in the draft phase. Both teams each get one shop to shop from, the shops will be random.

-In the Battle phase players will battle it out to the death, or the other player forfeits instead. The first move will be decided on a coin toss.

-All Passives and Abilities that negate Deathrolls for the combat are banned from use. Ex) Chosen Ending, Delay Death, etc.

Tournament Discord:

-If you have any further questions about the tournament feel free to ask.
If you think you've got what it takes grab your team and sign up by listing your team below.
Hope to see you there.


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    Questions: How many times will teams alternate in banning (AKA how many times will each team get a chance to ban classes/races).
    Will there only be base urealms TTS mod cards? or will there also be non base mod cards like azveltarian and buccaneer that are official(or maybe even expansion mods?)?
    Will there be multiple DMs/Judges so each day several games can happen at a time (in case theres a lot of entrants), or just 1 match at a time? (meaning that the matches could go late depending on how many people enter) 
    Will death rolls increase (AKA: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7...) or just stay as a 1 to die?
    Are there any banned item cards that could be annoying(AKA mirror image, the vest that heals, etc)?
    When we choose our 2/5 races/classes, will the teams alternate? or at that stage will there not be any restrictions so we can choose from any of the remaining available races/classes?
    Will the Dvergr ability to prevent 1 failed deathroll also removed (because doing so makes the race useless)? And if so, will it be altered to be usable, or will the race just not be used?
    I assume not, but will the teams be seeing their shop before they select races/classes or during the ban stage? (though I am assuming they will be revealed after everything else has been chosen)., the 
    How will consumables work between matches? (such as winchester's finest or scrolls/potions) Will they return after the match, or be a 1 time use throughout the whole tournament (meaning save them for dangerous times)? This question is important for Spelltheives
    Also, will other item changes be made permanent throughout the tournament? So if a treasure breaks is it always gone, or can you "repair" it between matches? And if you gain treasure permanently from the Bandito ability to give treasures do you keep it?
    Can limiteds that are allowed to be used during character creation be used in between matches? (to let spellthieves and booty raiders refresh their inventory)
    EDIT: More questions:
    What will you do about conversion, the card seems fairly game ending/ruining...
    Do teammates "share" gold? Because we each get gold from class/race and whatnot, but are we able to use our gold to buy stuff for our teammates if one character doesn't need anything else (especially since we're already sharing 1 shop?)?

    Are we allowed cool team names? :angryporc: 

    (Sorry about so many questions, there's just a lot of variables to be considered that hopefully can be answered for anyone else who may be interested. I also felt the need to ask these from my failed attempt to hold my own tournament so that you don't go in as blind as I did :peace: )
    many of these questions aren't too important, though they could be important to prevent miss-understanding from competitors who enter.

    I am excited and will probably steal someone to enter with, thanks for hosting!
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    Both teams will alternate and ban 4 races and 14 classes total; 2 races and 7 classes each.
    Only the base cards in the mod are allowed.
    I will be the only gm, maybe more depensing on circumstances.
    Deathrolls will go 1, 1-4, 1-10, 1-15, 1-19.
    No banned item cards unless they negate death rolls for the combat.
    Dvergr will be unavailable.
    For the races, teams will alternate choosing 1 at a time.
    Teams will not be able to see thr shops before creation.
    Each match will begin with creating entirely new characters.
    Conversion will be banned from use.
    Teams are not allowed to share gold between one another.
    Most Importantly, cool team names are allowed.
    If their arn't enough teams, the tournament will become a 1v1 tournament under the same rules.
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    @Zack Thanks for the input, it all makes sense!
  • Would all Charm effects be negated? It would seem pretty difficult to work around since Players would be probably be unwilling to fight against their own team and sacrifice their chances of winning.
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    Yes, all charm effects are negated.
  • Are we able to do RP things like throw a weapon at a player or shatter a potion bottle to create a makeshift shank or anything like that or is it strictly what the cards do and the base game?
    Am I also assuming diplomat and the lawsoo's critical ability will be removed?
    Also are companions and legendary spells allowed?
  • You can do RP things if you want, and yes diplomat and lawsoo's abilties are removed.
    Companions and Legendary spells are allowed, only because they are expensive/extremely rare.
  • Do you have an idea for how long the average match will be?
  • Can a lone wolf enter as a solo if they have the balls to believe they can win a 2v1 and be proven that they have horrifically overestimated themselves? 

    Because if so, I may know a guy interested in that.
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    How will in the event of a stalemate be handled? Such as one player left on each team and they both can't do more damage than the other heals? 

    Also will inventories be hidden or shown during the battle?

    Also how do we sign up?

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    Matches can last 20 minutes up to 40 minutes, if matches go on too long the team with the higher health pool left will win. Inventories will be hidden, and revealed after the matches.
    Stalements will be rare, but in the case of them, stalemates will be decided by the remaining health pools at that time.
    Although, not wise, people can sign up solo, I have seen crazier things happen.
    To sign up, please write your team name and contestant names in this post.
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  • I would like to sign up solo with the team name "lone chaos" is that OK?
  • "Cleanup Crew" Signing up: Me and Eman2002

    Steam names: MasterDJV and DVPaininflictor
    Discord: MasterDJV#8765 and Eman2002#8030
  • @The_456744 Not recommended, but sure.
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    YEa I'm gonna sign up but I don't have a teammate so I'd like to sign up solo too :drunk: 
    Member TheKingOfApples
    Team Name: Orchard
  • I would like to sign up for the tournament. 

    my discord is: Woolfy#4958
  • I would like to join the tournament.
    Discord name: bakstteen #3417
  • Another question. How do you treat heal abilities that heal "allies"? in 1v1, will you allow those to heal yourself?
    Another similar question is about speedoflight, do you allow that to be used on yourself?
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    Will you allow Delay death?
  • Yes, all abilities that heal allies will be used on yourself.
    And for Delay Death, it will be Banned from use. 
  • If you are competing, make sure to join the Tournament Discord with the link in the original post. If you can't find it, I will post it again here.
  • @Zack ;
    did I get kicked or something?
  • the discord server went down. zack also didn't know how it happened
  • Huh, this is weird
  • So what's going on with this @Zack ?
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