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  • Names EricTheRed been watching Rob since TTT and DvZ. I have been watching these campaigns since the first one. Have really not been active in the communicate but excited to be able too now.
  • I'm Whalebutt Jones, although I just donate as Whalebutt. I used to lurk on the old forums, although I'd like to be more active this time around.
  • Phijkchu_PorygonZ, Tried making my account on the 6th but couldn't activate it until today
  • Hi, I'm nick. Ive been around since the early days of DvZ. I've only recently started becoming active in the community though. I've probably seen most of robs content, and once the mod goes up for table top sim, I would love to be apart of any community lead campaign's!
  • I'm Avajain (or Ava) and I've been watching Rob since waaaaaay back to the days of DvZ with the Mindcrack people.
  • Hey there, I'm Alsphala. I started playing DvZ back on Bruce's Gym and I've been following Rob's stuff ever since. I also played as Earthmate_Raguna in Lords of Minecraft. 
  • Hi OurorasBorn here. I have been watching Rob since UHC 13. I have followed the main channel and went through the public archives of his work too. I love URealms. When I am at work these campaigns are my constant background noise. I work in customer service and the pure enjoyment I get from watching these campaigns gets me through the day sometimes.
  • Hey y'all I'm JhonDenton, I'm saving up for a Vitali profile picture (He's my favorite character) so don't judge me on my porc picture. I've been watching Rob and Deadbones and Roamin since when DvZ was a weekly stream where slime was thrown at people to choose their class.

    I'm certainly no OG but I'm older than some. I love Urealms, it's fucking genius and it's gotten me into RPGs with a few friends so I can't wait to start playing it officially.

    I also am real into the lore so I know about as much as an audience member can know about the lore of this universe. So yeah, that's me.

    This one time Rob commented on one of my reddit posts and it made my day, he's my favorite person. Deadbones is a cutie too.
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    Hey I'm Yetii.
    Found Rob through his DvZ videos with Pause, thought he was a funny guy and been a fan of his work ever since, especially DvZ, I used to play a bit too much
    Anyways, I'll more than likely just be lurking around here :3
  • Hi, I'm ImperialSunlight. Some call me Imp. Some don't. I've been following Rob and others since around the tail-end of the old Unforgotten Realms and have stuck around since I find his style of humour especially hilarious. The other Urealms guys are pretty excellent as well. Otherwise, I guess I'm Canadian, and... all things considered... pretty damn awful a introductions. Sorry. 

    I'll probably be around here somewhat sparsely for now, though I might eventually end up trying to play or run some games, depending on how things go. We'll see.  :p
  • Hello I'm xlane, been on the community for long time but I'm more of a lurker than a poster so most wont know me.
    Anyway if you're reading this have fun in the forums.  :)
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    Hi i'm tanfighter, been following Rob's stuff since unforgotten realms days,been doing campaigns with friends since season 1 came out :smile: , always up for some old fashioned questing

  • Hey I'm Nathan, lurked in Rawbs community since the days of blaze black (good lord has it really been 4 years). I have bad habits about not using forums often, but more often than not I'll likely be lurking and checking things out.
  • Hi guys, tak4n here. Been supporting the Buffalo Wizards for a long time now, started watching their content roughly half way through LoM content. Been a fan of URealms since episode one, is definitely one of my most favorite shows right now!
    Also the way Justin pronounces my name is adorable - te - KAN <3
  • Hello Im Veptor some of you may know me as WhiteYoshi18 and I just figured out how to roll for gold on this site. 
  • Hi I'm Byjinn and I've been following Rob since the two player series. Really really love urealms~!
  • Hello, I'm rrosestar <3 I make a lot of urealms fanart. I'm awkward and stuff, so don't mind me too much. I'm also a frequent lurker in coestar's stream a day's. 
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    Uhh..Hey..I'm Zcorned pretty much everywhere, although I do just get called Z by a lot. I'm a long time fan of Rawb, going back to 2012 I believe, with some good old records and jobs in DvZ (Gotta make them clocks) Found his Unforgotten Realms series soon after I started watching him, and have been avidly watching all or Urealms since it's inception. I think I have rambled enough for now, see you guys at the live streams :heart: 

    Edit: Forgot to say, I do occasionally doodle, for those that have been around long enough, I am the one who drew those Willy Nipplys, so close to the 10/10 score
  • Hello, Dancorps13. My Reddit name was Maelstrom5. I didn't post much on there, but when I did it was normally a longer post, with plenty of spelling mistake. Luckily, there appear to be some of spellcheck here, so that should fix that. 
  • Hello I'm oforladoma and i'm READY FOR SEASON THREE BABY
    Also that tabletop mod, pls rob
  • Sup, I'm Avon. Been a proud URealms follower since the first season. Happy to see this up and running. Usually I'm a bit of a lurker, but I also enjoy playing URealms with friends when ever I can. I'm looking forward to the new season and hopefully I can make the donation board again :bopen:  P.S: That's a cool emote :wow: 
  • Hi I'm Lex or Lexder . have followed both of rob and coe for almost 6 years. roleplayer script writher and nerd. but most of all a big urealms fan
  • Hello I am BLOTZCRONK, I am a professional street sign hacker.
  • Hi I'm MrNom. I found rob during early DvZ, but didn't really get into his content until his TTT series as well as his early table top simulator stuff. I've been watching Urealms since Nuren and have really enjoyed the show. :)
  • Hey all!
    Im VaguelyElectric, a guy in his mid-twenties, a software developer and a long time video gamer. Ill say "Hey" on these here forums every now and then. 

    I suppose Ive been a fan on Rob's URealms work since 2008 in the early days of The Escapist "Unforgotten Realms" cartoon (damn that sounds like a crazy amount of time ago now). After the web cartoon ended I mostly stopped following his stuff for a while, just checking in everyone now and then to watch a few videos. I later re-discovered the URealms universe toward the end of the first season of URLive, as a casual DND player myself the style of the series combined with nostalgia in the setting hooked me right away. 
  • Hello, I'm Timmmmmmmmy
  • Hi guys I'm Deferan (or Def for short) I'll probably be a lurker mostly bur hey who knows!
  • MusicalRhombus7 here. Been watching since Rob's old Unforgotten Realms Series. Stopped for a bit but came back some time in the middle of his DvZ videos.
  • Im codo, I've been watching rob since the original unforgotten realms although I haven't been too active in the community until dvz and lom so if you know me its probably from one of them
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