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Origin of Gnomes Theories (now a inside joke as well)

sadly Rob reviled that we will never know the Origin of Gnomes, its a weird inside joke now. if you folks come up with any more Theories dis forum is for you. and of course Rob cant be trusted with this type of thinks so wouldn't surprise me if he lied and there is a true explanation for the Origin of Gnomes. we can only hope that Rob will bless us with a Origin one day.


  • my bet is that quintara lotus was fucking around with creation magic and decided to make them because she thought they would be neat
  • Well Thor thought Quintara Lotus did it who thought Rokesh did it who thought Kallisto did it who thought Thor did it but it was actually Glamshark
  • i like that idea, why im i hear? i thought your kind would be neat to have @Flavor_Town_Reloaded
  • What if gnomes are so mysterious because they evolved. Like, no magic, no nothing. Gnomes just came about from evolution and since everything else comes from the gods, that's considered weird in URealms. "Where could they have come from? No god made them, so how can they exist?" *meanwhile, gnome Darwin laughs in the distance*
  • @emcuttsy gnome Darwin. i need art of that  :)
  • @LexderMob You know after I finish Galen Smolsword (kid Galen) maybe I'll give that a shot. Haven't really posted my fanarts much in the past but I'm starting now...
  • They were made by Dalfgan, and are related to Ogres.
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    i would love that. i bet your rendition of gnome Darwin would be lovely @emcuttsy ;  :)
  • that would explain nisovin obsession with Dalfgan and the sun keys @friskyBrisky
  • Maybe they just showed up
  • @LexderMob That would be interesting if they were related to the Beenu, since both races seem to be technologically-inclined. They could be either descendants or the result of the Beenu after the Birth of Magic, being turned from a high immortal race to a small humanoid race.
  • They were created on a floor of the tower of ultimate wizardry and escaped into the wild
  • What if they were space aliens, and after a few generations, the strangest alien qualities become dormant, leading to what we now know as Gnomes.

    Maybe they looked more like Gobolfs before, and when Gnomes and Elves breed, you get back some of the strange Goblin-like features. BOOM. EXPLAINED. >_<
  • yeah there not much more connecting the two races except their relation to technology. but until we get more information, it is still a fun possibility @Astora
  • Mostly a Divide of arcane magic made them 
  • Maybe... And here's a controversial thought... Maybe Evolution exists in the Realms, and maybe Gnomes just evolved instead of being made?
  • @KaeawynShifter Evolution does exist in the Realms, as gobolf testifies. However, the problem is that even if Gnomes were the result of Evolution, an Elf or Beannu would've written that down. There is literally 0 lore on Gnomes. They just appeared for no reason what so ever.
  • just realized that maybe they are just short Elves?
  • Rob talked about the Urealms world possibly being a layered cube world in a video at some point. Once you get to the end of the world there is a wall that if you break though you get to a different world of some sort. Gnomes could of been able to find a technology to be able to get to a different layer of the world, the one we know.
  • They are plants, they grow in grape like pods deep underground then they just like pop out in gnome villages 
  • Or like Nader was like trying to show the dragon aspects what's what and just created his own race in his little dimension.
  • Gnomes have the best backstory. Both me and Deadbones agree it's our favorite one.
  • I like the idea of Gnomes being the offspring of the Benu's creation of Magic.
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    @Rob ;dam it Rob now i'm just more curious!!!
  • Personally, I like the Greek Mythology of the Dactyls. Ancient history shows to really pair the like characteristics of Gnomes quite well :)

    In our fantasy, there is no limit or restriction to our imagination.

    As fans, however, we have very little understanding on The Birth of Magic. Was it like The Big Bang? Was it like a super nova? Was it like a super nova that collapsed into a black hole?

    For something as powerful of an energy/magic source that causes disruptions in the weave of magic when said source dies, I'd imagine there would have been some serious astrophysics repercussions to go with that. In my view, that would be my starting point.
  • If Deadbones says it's the best I 100% want to see it

  • I like to think nisovin is a book written by dalfgan, to prevent him self from abusing creation magic. So he created the believers to inhabit these books, but when a nisovin dies the believe finds a new book, since its all it knows @LexderMob
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    @Viizko ; know we do know very little about nisovin. so that is a possibility, we know that there apparently are more than one believer of him, as nisovin apparently mass produce theme but we don't know if there ever was a original one to begin with
  • @LexderMob I feel like their isn't a real nisovin. And maybe he created the gnomes too? Possible?
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    there is some hints that the real nisovin might be dead and that his believer are unable to figure that out, because of their believe nature prevents them from figuring that out and as such just keep believing that they are the original one @Viizko ;
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