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Any RuneScapers out there?

I recently started playing OSRS again and im looking for people to play with and stuff. 



  • If you're looking for just a good chat join the clan chat 'Mr.Mammal' we're pretty much always active!
  • I use to play osrs about a year ago, maybe I'll get back into it
  • I played (classic?) runescape a lot years ago.  What's it like now?
  • Runescape.... *sets down mug* now that's a name I haven't heard in years...
  • @Viizko *takes off glasses* mah god 
  • I played back up until they said questers won't get spin tickets for already completed quests. Sounds stupid I know, but I was tired of their shit. I played darkscape when that was a thing because it caught my interest. I was one of the first people to get 99 fishing. I quit after though. Shortly after I joined again for a little while when I figured I had nothing better to do in life other than waste my life away. Which is all this game is to me really. A waste of life. Quit a little before the time I got with the love of my life.
  • @Shuckle I would mostly agree with runescape being a waste of time, but I can't stop playing it. RuneScape is like a drug dude
  • @Viizko this actually made me lol  >_<
  • @Pyrotrap there's OSRS which is basically 2007scape with community voted updates every so often, it's the way to go right now if you're gonna relapse on runescape
  • @DoctorWorm I'll have to check it out dude  :)
  • @BarrowBro Maybe I'll check it out
  • @BarrowBro Awesome, I usually hop on at least once a week to chat with people. I've fell out of the game a lot but still love some of the peeps I've met on it.
  • @BarrowBro Yeah I know. One of the reasons I tend to be so resentful towards it. 
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  • I have an account from the olden days and logged back into it a few months ago but only ever got into lighting camp fires, cooking meat and fishing. My bank is full of cooked steak and the piles of wood you collect at the top of the first castle that respawn. 
  • @Znaz Ah.  I believe I have access to Classic Runescape.  I remember hearing about it and think I tried logging in.  I'll check out Oldschool Runescape if I have a good time too though.
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    i have the new Runescape
    its pretty dope
  • @helperbot0613 I couldn't get into rs3 even though I have a higher lvl character on there
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