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Sandbold Avatars

Does anybody else think that the "Masculine" Sandbold looks a little feminine? I don't mind, that's the reason I use it, just wondered if anybody thought the same.


  • @RaHuHe Kinda, It doesn't look super masculine. Like I think it's hair and eyes look a little feminine in some regards. 
  • The face to me seems masculine without a doubt the hair while also seeming masculine has been adopted by a significant amount of "punk/rebel/etc..." women that now make it more associated with females
  • The sandbold avatar is super manly :P
  • It's easy to tell at a glance that it's supposed to be male, because there's no features in the avatar that undoubtedly say that it is female. The broad shoulders and straight hips are a pretty solid indicator that it's male.

    But anything can be either sex unless the picture includes a clear shot of a defining feature that's impossible for the other sex to have without going into sex-change territory.
    Like I would assume that the picture for Female elf (see the picture below) is supposed to be a woman, but if Rob told me "It's a male with long hair, curvy hips and clothes that makes it look like he has cleavage in that perspective", I would take his word on that.

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    @Sonderp ;
    I'd never assume an elfs gender since in popular culture the male and female elfs normally wear similar clothes and similar hairstyles, and in most fantasy the 'defining features' are not as prominent as our master boobsmith's
  • And did anybody else notice that they changed the names of the avatars from "Male and Female" to "Masculine and Feminine"? I like it.

  • It's a shame that Six has so much on her plate already.  I would personally love it if there were three avatars for each type: one masculine, one feminine, and one in the middle.  ~_~
  • @Turnip
    So... One that's both ;)
  • @Fera Or neither ;)
  • @Turnip that would be cool
  • I mean this is how I see it, does it not look feminine?
  • I don't really see it, tbh
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    If you compare the male and female Sandbolds you can see that one (the male) is clearly more masculine and that the other (the female) is clearly more feminine.

    That being said, I don't think you could make comparisons to the real world on any of these avatars, they are more an adaptation of things that don't actually exist.
  • @Maris i think having both is more "interesting" than neither  ;)
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