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Jobs? Like things you do for money, food, and occasionally Urealms merch :D

Yes hello fellow human adults, what do you do for work? 


  • I work at the circulation desk at my college library. It's not very interesting and I don't have as many hours as I'd like, but it's quiet and I can use my computer or read when I don't have something to do.

    Later in the summer I'm going to be coaching a group of middle school kids in preparation for a robotics competition, which I'm incredibly excited for.
  • Just finished my last year of Uni, working in a store called B&Q while looking for better work. I'm going to run of hours to watch everything soon  :(
  • Been jobless for a good while. Help out with the family business while I'm looking... It gets a little depressing most of the time. :(
  • I work to crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women... Metaphorically of course... 
  • I work as an art director in NYC. I basically spend the day on photoshop making up ideas for commercials and ads so jimmies can give corporations their money. It's a little corporate and sometimes cool ideas don't get made but the pay is good for work that doesn't make me want to kill myself.

    My job is to make sure clients DON'T make a Kylie Jenner Pepsi ad. 
  • I am a garbageman.  It's rough and physically demanding, but it puts E.X.X.X.P. on the I mean bread.
  • Beach Lifeguard. The pay is good, I guess, though it's hard having to constantly roll Divine Intervention--I mean, rescue people.
  • I unload trucks for Wal-Mart
  • Teacher/camp leader/Lab assistant, hoping to one day to be an astronaut. 
  • Unemployed due to Anxiety. Woop.
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  • I'm a math professor. I spend my days teaching young kobolds how to unleash their potential.
  • Cryptological technician, I work with computers and keep them free of viruses and malware. It's kinda brain melting at times but i enjoy it.  :)
  • Don't have one, but want one. It's been rough.
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    Currently a student.  Been working summers at a convenience store where they have everyone do a mix of jobs (register, preparing food, cleaning, stocking, etc).  Hoping to get an internship at a local video game company next summer however, as I'll be taken classes for the programming language they recommended this fall.
  • Here in asia we hace this thing called "carrineria" it's fast food except its home made and its not 70% oil. Its our equivallent to your diner and thats where i work
  • @sofakinggood That's really cool, how's the food over when its not sopping wet?

  • I'm in my second year of uni so no money making for me *crying* but at least it's a lot of fun for now
  • @Lord_Fifty its pretty good if you people from the west can stop asking what asian food is made out of
  • @sofakinggood sounds like the most important ingredient is missing. Love.
  • @Gyrozen naw the main ingredients are pig guts chicken blood rice and chicken feet (not making this up)
  • I'm a deli clerk at a grocery store (not comfortable saying which). I'm looking to find better work soon to support my baby boy and move us two and his momma back out of my parent's house. Really hope her connect in home security installs will pan out for me
  • @Magus_Auhlren don't fret buddy, this random interweb stranger has confidence in you  :smilebold: 
  • I'm a geology student and do research on Mars meteorites as well as picking up work as a teaching assistant once in a while.
  • I'm working as a cook in a small restaurant. I mostly handle plating, but I've started to get more responsibilities and I'll get more hours in a couple of weeks when I graduate.  :)
  • I sell things on the internet for people that sell things on the internet.

  • I work in the food industry and sell my plasma on the side to support content creators
  • Local Kobold that goes to college, part time coder.
    Been slow recently, so I lay in my floof bored.
  • i did work in a steel production factory, lost it to a merger that didnt happen and now im kinda flinging applications everywhere, plus i do a commission or 2 every once in awhile
  • Part time work and unpaid research while I finish up college. For the most part summers are slow, which gives me plenty of time to watch URealms!
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