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Posting an Albert the Monkeyfish Fan "Art" Post everyday until Rob puts him in a new campaign DAY18



  • What we need is a Albert and Phineas section, where they give each other a high five. 
  • Day 10:

    Alright so I thought long and hard about what my next art format will be. I did by looking at Albert and saying to myself, “What does he make me think of?” Well albert’s blue… Alright we got blue. He’s also squishy. Squishy… squishy… WAIT PLAYDOUGH IS BLUE AND SQUISHY:

  • imagine that but 7 feet tall and running at you 
  • @Revoltman that would be a dream come true
  • Day 11:

    So I’ve finally procrastinated refilling my backlog to the point where today I am officially out of things to post, so since I have a lot to do today and don’t really have time to refill it, here’s an Albert meme:

  • @Timedagger100 that's a good one 7/5
  • Day 12:

    TIMEDAGGER100 EXPOSED????!!!2!! (Not Clickbait) (Gone Wild) (Gone Sexual) (Clickbait):

  • @Timedagger100 I CAN' BELIVE YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO ME! or was that a planned meme?
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    Shitposting is it’s own form of art.
  • Well I just found a prime contender for our Old Gods blood tear avatar to create. XD
  • Do you guys not remember he's dead or something?
  • So what you're saying is we need a prequel
  • @Rob Greater Lay on Hands, bam
  • @Rob Heroes never die!
  • I mean the Nader's Unforgotten Tales never mentions albert and seems to change the whole monkeyfish situation sooooooooooooo
  • He noticed! Now time to beg him for a new Albert Campaign
  • Straw poll, yes/no on the campain
  • @Rob I mean yoooooooou're the one ALWAYS telling us just because a characters DEAD doesn't mean we can't see them in the past, right? I think I remember a certain someone saying something about how even though s3e4 ..."was the Death of the Beenu campaign, like I said earlier, it's also the life of the Beenu campaign." AND IF I DO RECALL a certain Kobold pirate whose name rhymes with Shmoe Pistahl who pops up as a Believer every now and then (Plot relevance shmlot relevance) Also if Albert got his Tambok ticket back we'd see him in the Tambok show and that would resolve everything but whatever I'm not bitter or anything. 

    Rob I will bide my time until by random chance and the luck of the gods I win a divine decision, make a Book dedicated to Albert. The wait to see if Woke-sovin ever does come to fruition. Then I will post said book and get him to do the same exact thing the original Nisovin did to make all his believer clones to Albert. Now sure this could take a decade or two, BUT I'LL GET THERE. Maybe. Or maybe this meme about a character who has 0 plot relevance will just continue to fade until I forget to post one day. And then I miss two days, then three, then four. Until it stops all together BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY, A M E M E   T H E O R Y. Thanks so much for reading!
  • Day 13:

    Alright so since Robs posting blashpemy about how the greatest most powerful character in all of URealms is permanently dead I'm going to post blashpemy that @FlavorTownReload recommended which is Albert killing Rohbear Leomaris, with a pyroblast since details are hard.

    NOW BEFORE THE ART I’d like to take this time to ask you all if you could give me any suggestions for pictures or any art forms you’d like to see. Since I’m oh so unoriginal. Any who here’s the picture:

  • Can we get an art of Albert and King Scratamantalis they would make a great duo
  • Albert playing the drums with the urleams crew in a band at deadlantis 
    you asked for ideas i brought one

  • Oh, here is an idea. Albert as the new King Monkeyfish with lots of young lil duder offsprings around him.
  • Day 14:

    Today’s going to be a real simple one as I’ve seen all your suggestions but I also not find the time to actually make them. By all means I’m still accepting suggestions, it’s not limited 1 per person or anything. And keep in mind it can be more than just pictures, whatever you can think of! Today I’d just like to say this shitpost has infected my real life as a picture of Albert hangs next to my desk on my white board surrounded by pictures of dogs:

  • ...thread's dead.
  • @Maris We may have been silenced but I'll keep posting everyday. Until I forget.
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    @Maris thread may be dead but Albert isn't
  • all hail king albert
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