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Could the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry have an ulterior purpose? (fan theory, most likely wrong)

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So I have been thinking about ascension as it is currently the most powerful thing in the lore we know so far, and I think I just realized something possibly awesome about ToUW. We know that the tower is basically a theme park-esque wizard graduation ritual with the purpose of proving one's knowledge and power with a reward of a wish and a floor addition at the end. So far pretty straight forward, but hear me out...

My theory is that this tower is an ascension challenge made by Quintara Lotus for the ultimate purpose of creating other powerful Dragon Aspects/divines/possibly sun dragons* in a controlled environment.

*Maelstrom will take his first steps into become a Sun Dragon God himself and transform into a wild, out of control Whelpling as he attempts to control his own newly found power.

Evidence for this seemingly wild nonsense:
(formatted to not be a wall of text and to be more pleasing to the eye)

The climb of this tower fulfills most of the requirements stated by the Song of Dragons.
"I will train my body" - You must climb several floors and overcome physical challenges to reach the top. This could take months or years even.
"I will focus my mind" - There are multiple puzzle rooms and obstacles that require creative thinking a problem solving skills.
"I will master the Light" - Self explanatory that the tower requires advanced understanding of magic. It was said that "Light" here just means magic regardless of aspect.
"I will always be kind" - Now this part is the tricky one I think. However, if you interpret it as not literally being a goody two-shoes but as a form of self reflection/enlightement process, then it snugly fits in the coming-of-age adventure aspect of the climb itself. 
When you reach the top you meet Quintara Lotus who grants you a wish and an extra room as a reward.
The wish is there as a last chance for the climber to realize their divinity, if they don't then at least they get a new wand or something.
The extra rooms are used to make it harder to climb the tower thus increasing the challenge of the requirements, because clearly it failed its original purpose of producing ascended ones.
Eventually someone will ascend during this climb and when that happens Quintara will be there to oversee that and guide the young ascended to not use their power for stupid things.
When Maelstrom ascended, the only one we know mind you, he turned into a raging beast with bloodlust because people were mean to him in the past.
The tower might be entirely in the realm of holding so if they turn berserk, she can dispatch them without destroying the outside world.
Also she was pretty shocked that this happened. Possibly invalidating my whole argument, but also it could be because someone did it outside her control.
The reason she wants people to ascend is because she realized the mortality of her kind when Phanto died, so she created this process to ensure that worthy individuals could take their place to maintain the balance of nature if any other Dragon Aspects die.
She clearly cares about the denizens of this realm. (she is one of the great elven families and has a seat at the Mana Arc)
She knows when Phanto died, Golestandt went berserk* and Yvander evicted the highbears from their capital to be close to her dead daddy*. So she understands that her kind is fragile and unpredictable so someone has to take charge and ensure the protection of divines

* with the death of his father, Phanto, Golestandt changed drastically, transforming into the Dragon Aspect of Dark. This transformation left Golestandt feral.
* After the death of Phanto , Yvander forced the higbears from Ursazoll so she could have it for herself, believing it would bring her the closest to her father.
She knows about us and doesn't trust us with the power we hold. ? citation needed
probably true? lol i dunno im tired and formatting this text took me literally hours so i go sleep now, may look evidence for it tomorrow after work.

What must be absolutely true for this theory to have any chance of being acceptable:
  • The tower must be built after the birth of magic.
  • Quintara has no malicious intent toward the denizens of the realm.
  • Ascension requirements are the same as in the song.
  • Ascension leads to true Aspect/Sun Dragons and not just a power up.
  • Quintara has to know about ascension in general.
  • The "always be kind" part is about more than just being literally kind.
The best part of this theory is that it doesn't change much about the established lore. 
  • Ascension would still be a very very rare event. 
  • The freshly ascended could be hid in the realm of holding of the tower clandestinely, far from sight of mere mortals. 
  • Most of the wizards who climb this tower will still experience the superficial purpose of this climb: bragging rights, custom floor and that cool wand of anal obliteration you always wanted.
So yeah, this is my fan theory. I think I mentioned most of the stuff I wanted to say. If I forgot something I will edit it into it. If you have other theories about the tower I would love to hear it.
Also, just as a semi related side question. When i was looking for evidence for stuff I realized that Ghostblade killed Quintaras "brother". Do we know anything more about that?


  • This is one of the coolest theories i've heard and honestly the only flaw I can see right now is quintara lotus may be to chaotic for this.
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    Pretty sure Ghostblade was the one blamed for killing Phanto when it was really us, the Old Gods. 

    I think the theory is cool and possible, but I don't think we have even close to what information there would need to be on Quintara Lotus to figure her out. I remember Rob saying something like "People keep saying on the forums that they think they know Quintara when they really don't". I don't think you're one of thos epeople based on this post, but still I don't think we know Quintara well enough yet.

    EDIT: Kind of realizing some of what I said doesn't make much sense. I'm more thinking Quintara's motives for anything she does is unknown so assuming she would want to do something ever is kind of hard.
  • I think you on to something. But I think the true test of kindness isnt what you think it is. I think it is to ask for nothing when you reach the top. After all, asking for divine right defeat the kindness require a tad bit.  And that would make it fit even more. After all, the tower is known for being able to give you anything if you reach the top, but the tower is filled with traps as well. what if this whole promise is a trap, and you want to ask for nothing at the top. you know how few people will do that?

    For the brother part, perhaps one of the Sandbolds, a divine, or the dwarf king (I think it mention somewhere that Ghostblade kill a king, but not 100% sure)
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    @Dancorps13 Would asking for nothing really be that kind if the one on the giving end is a Dragon Aspect, though? I mean, /any/ wish could be, say, getting the cure for a relative's terminal illness.
    I don't disagree that the Kindness Test could be something else, but maybe it's using your wish to help others.
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  • nice theory dude! hope you most more! @Noubi ;
  • I don't mind Quintara being chaotic for this.

    As it stands, the tower is already a long running and seemingly serious project. I see her normaly chaotic nature as goofying around with the lowly mortals. It doesn't seem that out of place for her to still take dragon stuff seriously. It would even help explain why she seems to take the tower seriously enough to keep it going after (I presume the long time since she first erected it).
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