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Pokemon Nintendo Direct Thread

If you haven't seen it:

What is announced:

 -Pokken Tournament DX for the Switch, has some new Pokemon available to play with.
 -Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon for the 3DS. They are said to have new pokemon and its an 'alternate storyline', so probably not a sequel thing but like how Diamond/Pearl are to Platinum.
 -Pokemon Gold and Silver will be available on the Virtual Console, with Pokebank support (not said if it will start with support or if it will get it sometime)

 -Pokken and Gold/Silver are available on September 22nd
 -UltraSun and UltraMoon are available on November 17th

What are your thoughts about this stuff? Personally, I felt a bit baited when at the start of the direct, they mentioned "A new Pokemon game for the Switch" and then revealed it was Pokken, but I didn't expect a main series game on the Switch this year in the first place.


  • I'm hyped. I skipped the WiiU so Pokken is great. I suspected US and UM were a thing and I'll definitely play it when it comes out.
  • Get hype for Pokken. This seems like a much better console for it.
  • I'm a bit skeptical about US and UM. They feel way too similar to B2 and W2 with the Necrozma, and Lunala/Solgaleo fusion. I don't know, we'll see in the coming months.
  • Pokken looks good with the new characters still to many bi-peds  though so a lot of the same issues, S/M ultra is a big disappointment. No switch version, and a shitty gold/silver port.

    Hopefully E3 actually has some good switch content.
  • I see a lot of people are mad about US and UM. It seems that a lot of these people don't understand how long developing a brand new Pokemon for the switch would take. 

    I'm sure it's just angry kids who sold their 3DS for a switch. This is why I never sell my consoles. I have faith that the first mainline Pokemon for the Switch will break expectations rather than just a continuation of a 3DS title with updated graphics.
  • @FlashToki Yeah. I would love a Main-Series Switch Pokemon game but honestly it probably won't even happen next year.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ The 3DS was released in 2011 and X&Y came out in 2013.
    It was quite a wait but I believe it ventured into new unknown territory as a next gen Pokemon game. 

    I'm sure we will see a similar innovation on switch as well. Things like a BOTW free roam and more sophisticated battle animations aren't that farfetched.

    Youtube comment sections on Nintendo videos are always toxic places which is why I don't take them seriously.
  • @Elodalius Especially since we've seen Colress in Alola.
  • I was really hyped for this but alas Ninty let me down :(
  • I bought a WII U just for pokken. It's really sad they never did character addition updates.
  • When they started with showing us the Pokken trailer, I could tell that it wasn't going to be the only thing, they wouldn't make a 'Special' Pokemon Direct without having some form of BIG announcement.

    Kind of surprised that they went with US/UM as the next games in the franchise. No-one had expected a pair of games which is implied to act as an alternate timeline which isn't a sequel like B2/W2, and I personally didn't anticipate a release DATE for the mainstream game.

    A little disappointed it wasn't an announcement for a D/P/Pt Remake, but in all honesty, i'm glad we know what is going to be the next games, and the fact that we get them this year, even if they are not what i expected.

    Curious on what else they have planned with US/UM. From the looks of the trailer it seems we're getting a case of Kyurem 2: Fusion Boogaloo in the form of Necrozma, and maybe a spoiler for a couple of new Z-Moves or cinematics from new totem pokemon [The Mimikyuu section is what has me curious on the potential of this]?
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ I bet we'll get 3DS D/P/Pt next year, and then Gen 8 switch the year after
  • Lack of Sinnoh makes me sad  :|
  • @Sixelona It could be worse, they could go back in time and remove the originals. I mean probably idk they're rich
  • I was really hoping for a Switch main series announcement, so Ive got to say that I am a little disappointed. Im not a Pokken Tournament kind of guy, so I probably won't pick that up, and what we know of US & UM eight now, it feels kind of lazy in my opinion. 

    Sun & Moon looked like they were setting up for sequel the entire time, what with the "Gyms coming soon" and all the unfinished plot-lines, but from what we have seen of US & UM it looks more like a what Pt was to D & P. Of course the exact details of what these games are could change as more info comes out (especially with E3 just around the corner) so my hopes are still high for those titles.
  • Welp time to buy a switch :rawb: 
  • I think it's good that they left it on the 3DS for the most part.  My only concern is the already existent lag problems from the first games being worse in these new ones depending on how/if they cram more content into it.  

    This isnt a good time for the switch version.  Doing it mid-generation (while not completely unheard of considering yellow was on the Gameboy color) could make things messy considering the number of mechanics designed for the two screen set up or the touch screen (something you dont have while the switch is docked).  I think a switch version is much better saved for Gen 8.  Considering the 3DS was going to be released shortly after B2/W2 came out (and X/Y didnt see release until a few years into the 3DS's life cycle); i'm sure we'll get a similar situation there.  
  • Seems kinda lame honestly, nintendo just milking the money cow. Sure Pokemon is a good game, but I don't need to buy it 12 times. I'd be waiting for something a bit more innovative.
  • I bought Pokken for the wiiU so i'll probably wait a while till i can pick up cheap for my switch and i'll have to see what else is coming with US and  UM probably move tutors but i might not get it i'm not as into competitive pokemon as i was last gen. Kinda disappointed that it isn't Heartgold and Soulsilver on the virtual console but i guess they might be to big.   
  • @Sixelona N-No Sinnoh... NO SINNOH?! NOOOOO SINNNNNOOOHHHH!!! *Breaks his keyboard*
  • I`m kinda excited for it all to be honest, even though Pokken was never ever on my radar as something to buy. Not very good at fighting games. US&M I kinda want to see what they are doing, but I'll probably give it a go, if I ever beat Sun. :p
    G/S/C were the first pokemon games I ever got to own though, so they will forever have a special place in my heart and I will happily buy them again. While I find it odd they didn't release Crystal with the rest (emulation problems on a DS somehow? *shrug*) I'm looking forward to adding another Cyndaquil to the collection because one can never have too many inevitable angry fire badgers.

    A Sinnoh remake would have been nice, but I'm sure that'll end up on the Switch in the next year or two.
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