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So what is the exact lore on ageless, becuase I think it was changed at some point and you can't always trust what characters say.
My understanding is that people belive becoming an ageless destroys your soul but it doesnt actually.


  • Well if we take from the song that bopen sung in one of the campaigns, I'll ahve to find the right campaign and episode later, "For ageless is a curse, a curse which locks your soul away". My quote is probably not exact, as I haven't heard it in a while, but In general the idea is that your soul isn't destroyed or taken away or anything, it is locked away. In particular, it seems to be locked away within your own skull as when an ageless has their skull crushed, their soul leaves the skull and flies away. 
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    @Lucius_E I believe you're talking about the song about Bopen in The Fall of Dudinborough, which contains the following paragraphs:

    Soon he had stolen everything,
    and taken all the lives.
    With none left to plunder,
    his crew would soon die.

    And then Bopen was alone,
    with no one left to betray.
    For Ageless is a curse,
    that locks your spirit away.

    Those who fear death
    will always be afraid.
    Because all things must live,
    and all things must fade.

    This is however a song from the dwarves and so I would say it is not a reliable source on ageless lore.

  • I believe the idea is that people THINK that ageless lose their souls

    As seen by Lance in the purge who gets turned into an ageless by Bopen

    IIRC he exclaims something about needing to tell Gwenyth because hes still HIM he does not feel evil, but just normal if not a bit more bony. He still has his soul which is a shock to him. 
  • @BlackWhiteCavias Ah yes, correct, I mixed it up with the event when Bopen killed Virgo.

    Anyways, it seems more correct than anything else people have mentioned. We have indeed seen when ageless are killed their souls are freed, so we do know that their souls are not destroyed. We know this from the Woodcarvers campaign in particular since it is mentioned often at the end.

    And I trust the dwarves words more than I do Gwyneth when she claimed ageless had no souls. I think she was only trying to justify her command for the killing of all ageless.
  • If I remember correctly, in SoD it is stated that when the characters go through the transformation into ageless they feel like they lose part of themselves, but I don't thiink it was ever said it was their soul.
  • I've noticed that Rob has a tendency to push the players to feel more excited about bring ageless than rejecting. Mercey for example goes almost a bit out of character when he go through the ritual of bones, sort of caring less for his previous crewmates.
    It's still pretty unclear, though. So what I'd be interested in seeing would be a Divine Decision where the decision is to decide whether the ritual of bones does directly affect the soul of characters who partake in it or not. I also wouldn't mind if it just remained vague, so it'd be up to interpretation.
  • When players turn ageless I think Rob describes them feeling an emptiness inside them
  • Considering Robs general philosophy philosphy I don't thnk the characters in Urealms actually have souls
  • Rob did say out of character, that ageless do have souls. Something along the lines of "we said ageless don't have souls? Fuck that, they absolutely do!"

    I wanna say it was a season 2 campaign? Maybe the Woodcarvers?
  • @Chingoro It appears that Agelessness affects everyone differently to some degree; some Ageless feel brave and more confident in themselves (Merci, Ladyir), and some don't change at all (Every Character that turns Ageless in Great Purge). Not sure why, but that's just what happens.
  • @friskyBrisky with the example you said with ladyir, and merci. They don’t have as much knowledge about ageless, especially with ladyir, he was a young boy who was told he can’t feel pain anymore followed by proof, he was told he has no reason to be scared anymore so he isn’t.

    With The Purge characters, they live with ageless, they are very knowledgeable of what becoming ageless means, more so then merci and ladyir. So them turning doesn’t change them as much, because agelessness isn’t something new.
    and lance was just in fear and shock when he was turned.

    the reason agelessness effects people differently is because of that characters previous experiences. As any change would.
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