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Can any non-dragon characters challenge a dragon aspect?

I've always wondered if there was any group of characters in Urealms that could take on a dragon aspect, like an A-team with Nisovin, Galen and Virgo (didn't he have a roll to play in Golstandts capture anyways?). The dragon aspects are always shown to have great gobs of power so naturally one get curious if they can be defeated. 


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    No way.
  • You'd probably need a massive army, and I think that's the point. Dragons are these giant legendary beasts and some dude with a sword, no matter how good with that sword should not be able to kill it.
  • Alone? Nope. With an army? Potentially, given how Golestandts' been "captured" and used to farm silver.
  • In the last campaign, one of the legendaries was the ability to harm a dragon aspect...So it seems that it would be possible, but very unlikely. 
  • Deadbone's character from the last campaign is currently the only character who can hurt divines without a greater pyroblast I'm pretty sure, but one person alone almost certainly stands less than 0% of a chance.
  • In theory they can but no one would want to due it I would say
  • I mean he can hurt Divines, dragon aspects seem like a completely different challenge.
  • With Deadbones' legendary, with that item any can... technically though I'd only say someone like Virgo, Nisovin or some strong character to do it
  • Don't dragons use creation magic? Isn't that supposed to be a power that can warp space and time? I don't think the city of Nisovins could do battle with any of the dragon aspects. I mean, the dragonflies drop globs of creation magic. And those cause instant death-rolls.

    That said, your idea would make a very fun campaign setting!
  • I mean they can challenge them but it's not going to end well for them
  • with are help some character could 
  • In a sense, it has already happened in canon. Virgo Sunsword challenged Golestandt, and won. We know this because that's how the Elves got their Silver in the Silvermine Mountains.
  • I thought Golestandt fell asleep and Virgo just built the prison on top of the dragon, pretty sure that doesn't count as a challenge or winning a challenge vs a dragon.
  • @Emperor That was the original lore; it was changed when Rob understood that a) The Ageless One was Golestandt the Dragon, and b) Dragons were the most powerful creatures in the Realm. We can chalk up the idea of 'Virgo defeated a Dragon to slumber' to Season 1 Weirdness.

    OT: Maybe with their own Dragon, or with a massive army. Otherwise, it would be near impossible. There's also apparently the problem that Dragons are mindless beasts until they are blessed by a Sapient Dragon, and good luck getting a Sapient Dragon to bless your Animalistic Dragon, only to then try to kill said Sapient Dragon with it...
  • Milbee's character in sandbolds (Mccarrot Smith?) had an instakill legendary on a 20, sneak attack and I'd say yes. Whether a sneak attack is even possible on a being that powerful I don't know.
  • @friskyBrisky ;
    How do we know that was changed, Rob hasn't said anything about it has he (if so, a link would be greatly appreciated!)?

    We haven't seen Virgo to the fullest extent of his power. The only times we've seen Virgo was when he captured the Bocoe, Killed some Fleshweavers, and died to Bopen. So for all we know, Virgo could have very well been strong enough to imprison Golestandt in a mountain. 
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    @friskyBrisky @Emperor Yeah, I don't recall there being any lore change in regards to Virgo (and aids) capturing/beating Golestandt. - Emperor's also right that we likely haven't seen Virgo to the full extent of his power, not even against Bopen, as you could easily claim that Bopen's victory over Virgo was due to surpise rather than actual fighting prowess. (Although you could argue surprising/tricking your foe to fall under fighting prowess). Edit/Addition: We also don't know what Virgo was like in his prime either.
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Yeah, I have to agree that it was more of a surprise thing than anything else. Virgo was expecting a typical run in with the Ageless and what he got was a fight that he sadly could not win.
  • i think any player character could stand their own, they only dragon that has ever died was to the old gods. so a character controlled by the old gods should have a chance.
  • Also, could you even use magic an aspect represents against them (i.e. using arcane against quintara lotus) or would it just not work type of deal? I figure someone like Nisovin would have a tough time without his arcane prowess.
  • @King_Pirate_7iger Isn't Nisovin supposed to be a master of magic in general, or was it said that he was specifically a master of the arcane alone? I would assume he tends towards Arcane because it's the most... "magic-y" of the 6 elements. It's chaotic. It's more random. It's varied. So, it's going to have the most utility. But there's a lot of spells in the other 5 elements that could be used for devastating effect.
  • I only recall it being said that he's a master of magic, not just arcane, although the most magic we've seen from him is Arcane but at the same time that's also sorta the flashiest of magics. @CaesarBarringster
  • hmm, i guess you guys are right, I just always envisioned Nisovin as more of an arcane spell caster. Probably bias from DvZ Nisovin days.
  • Its not confirmed that he battled Golestandt, just that he forced him to slumber.  @Emperor
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 "Forced him to slumber" that's still "force". So, his force (probably with a  lot of help) clearly won over Golestandts' at some point.
  • @Emperor @friskyBrisky @Sweatingdwarf123 @UnluckyBimi The thing is that we know very little about Virgo, except that he was truly the Grand Paladin Spirit and had something to do with Golestandt's slumber. There are any number of possibilities regarding this. They could have had help from a Dragon Aspect who didn't want him running around creating Ageless Thralls, especially since we know Quintana specifically likes to get involved in the affairs of mortals. The Grand Paladin Spirit could also be powerful enough to go toe to toe with Golestandt; in fact, I'm of the opinion that the Grand Paladin Spirit is in fact Ouro'ras him/herself, which would definitely make fighting Golestandt possible. There might be rituals that can calm Golestandt that were unaware of. They could have just sung the Song of Dragon to pacify him long enough to put him to sleep; Golestandt loved performing that song before the Birth of Magic, so it might do something for him. 

    My point is, if there's anybody we've seen who has a chance of dealing with Golestandt, it's the Grand Paladin, because of it's current and previous hosts' family's connection to Quintara Lotus, the nature and unknown level of power it possesses, and it's definite knowledge of Golestandt before the Birth of Magic.

    As a quick, slightly off topic side note, it's just occurred to me that the Grand Paladin seems to have quite a few examples of working against the Dragon Aspects associated with it. In addition to it's apparent connection with Golestandt's slumber before the creation of Silvermine Mountains, it's also the only being in the realm with knowledge of the password to the Realm of Shadows where Dalfgan, Frostborn of Yvander, is held. Additionally, I'm pretty sure I remember reading/hearing that Virgo as the Grand Paladin had some remarks about the Den of Devils being a breeding ground for soldiers in some sort of war, but I'm not sure so I'd appreciate it if somebody with more time than I've got currently could verify this last statement. 
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    @GypsyCow ;
    You would be correct with that final statement (this is still one of my favorite teasers btw). 
  • @GypsyCow on your side note, about den of devils, i think you are remembering the text from
    Den of Devils preview,
     "Under the crust, the earth, and the soil, the devils of fire skirmish and toil. Forging the strongest amongst their ranks, building the army, constructing their tanks."

    "As when the sun no longer shines bright, these demons of flames will finally take flight. Until then they prepare they scrap and they wrestle which is why my friend we call it a Den of Devils."

    - Virgo Sunsword speaking privately to Nisovin.
  • There are Legendary Spells that specify that they can kill divine beings, so a character could in theory do it. 
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