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Dice Roll Analysis for "Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator"

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Hello once again Old Gods!

Hex here, a little later than usual, with the next installment of URealms Dice Roll Analysis! This time for the Campaign "Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator" (Streamed on 03/24/2018)

This Campaign joins Galen Sunsword and a team of Lawyers as they attempt to solve a murder.
At a mere 90 Rolls, this Campaign set a new record low for Number of Rolls, dethroning the "Senate of Deadlantis" Campaigns 111 Rolls. 

I really enjoyed this Campaign, and I actually managed to watch it live so I included my list of Clues I kept while watching and even some other stuff. So without further delay, enjoy the Dice Roll Analysis my fellow Detectives.

Dice Roll Analysis:

As always, please check out the Current Season Totals:

Feel free to leave your feedback! 

@Rob @Roamin @Deadbones @Coestar @HCJustin @Millbee @Nisovin @totalspiffage ;


  • You must spend way too much time doing this and we love you for it!
  • I absolutely love this shit. I have a google doc devoted to the total amount of watch time of each episode, campaign, season etc. that I should really get around to updating and posting sometime. That being said I know how long this stuff can take so thank you for taking your time to do this!
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    @Razz ; @Timedagger100 ;

    Well thank you very much! The longest time spent was designing the overall system that does all the hard work, which I spread out over a few months, a little bit every day. Once I have that in place, the rest is easy street, I can actually watch the live stream (if I'm lucky enough to be able to attend) and record the rolls live, but there are some Campaigns that were so chaotic/interesting that I just stop taking down Rolls and left it until after the stream and just rewatched the Twitch VOD/YT upload to record the Rolls. I started v.1 early in Season 2 and got a little obsessed so I might have literally took a vacation to binge revamp a v.2 before Season 3 started lol.

    Annnnnnd a little teaser here... I'm working on v.3 right now for Season 4 that is soooo much better in every way, so look forward to that!
  • damn dude nice job
  • How did deadbones manage to skate by with only 14 rolls?
  • @Hex ; Will v.3 have waifus?
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 He had two characters, too! Yet the least rolls...
  • Wow, how long does it take to comply so much information.
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    @grimdrome You'll have to wait and see  >:)

    @Sweatingdwarf123 ;
    He barely did anything except RP the entire time, and his Companion was rarely there. Also, combat was super light this Campaign. 

    @NamelessMayor Overall it can take anywhere from 1-2 months to an entire Season depending on what I want it to do. The key part to understand is that I do not do the calculations manually with each Campaign. Instead, I create algorithms that do it all for me automatically with the data I supply them. That section on the left side of the sheet are the only parts of the entire sheet that I actually manually change, EVERYTHING else is an algorithm that generates those numbers automatically (like number of rolls, % of Crits, etc...). Every time the dice are rolled, I record what was rolled, who rolled it, and what kind of roll it was (normal, legendary, death) and the aforementioned algorithms take care of the rest, except for a couple finishing touches that cannot be automated. I have also started tracking EXP but I haven't ironed out the details about how Rawb allocates the EXP to his Actors, so that's still kinda a Work In Progress. 
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