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Emcuttsy draws Smolswords

Inspired by @TigerSpirit 's baby urealms character thread. I thought I'd finally try to finish some digital art. This is my first proper go at taking something from sketch to lineart, to flat color, to finished drawing, and I'm surprised by how happy I am with it so I'm posting it here as well as buried deep in Tiger's thread. Good thing I'm done, or else I would never start studying for finals... posting more soon!

Edit: updating the top of the thread as I finish more so you don't have to scroll through posts to see updates :)

Anyhow, enjoy little Galen Smolsword. I imagine he's about 12 elf-equivalent years here, and that wherever he grew up had some cold winters (basically I HAD to include a fluffy fur collar).

With the permission of @Sixelona , I finished her sketch of the Smolswords with lines and color IDK if I like toddler smolswords or huffy preteen smolswords better!


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