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Games & Discord.

You know, no matter where I look I cant find a good discord with people who want to chat, and play games; for instance I've been wanting to play DST for a while now, Dont Starve Together, but no-one on any of my other discords wants to join, What if we Made a Urealms (Not Subscriber based bc I dont have that money) or just a Community discord for people to do stuff in? If there is already one I'd love to know what it is.


  • This could be a good idea, but maybe I'd check with :rawb: first to see if it's alright.
  • There is a discord for DvZ and LoM

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    I run afew Discord's and I'd be Down to Run it If :rawb: was okay with it. But he has said this community is about building its self So if we don't get a Yay/Nay answer, then ill go ahead and make it
  • if we Made a Urealms Discord's  I happily join
  • There's a discord run by the URealms-hell tumblr blog. @Pirate ;
    is one of the admins on it
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    I got a fanmade Discord for a fan Unforgotten realms blog on Tumblr, and it's mainly for the fans of the that Me, @Chaszzo and @Loomer is running. If you're interessed in joining it I'd love to send you an invite trough PM :drunk: Thank you @noxumbre for the mention 

    edit: I saw you like playing don't starve too, we had our own server there for a while but I had to delete it due to my own computer memory space. But There's a few people here that likes to play it (Including me)
  • Personally I'm waiting to see if an official one will be made. I'm holding out for a week or so after the official launch of this site, that's when I feel like any major additions (such as a discord or a normal chatroom) would be most likely to be added
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