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Giving away a copy of Tabletop Sim!



  • Hello. I really like it when the guys wing world building. Especially when Roamins Berserker mentors a gobolf on being a berserker, he states a true berserker burst from its mothers womb. Its a great reminder that we're witness to freeform world building.
  • Aw, this is super cool of you to do! :D

    Favorite moment... huuu, there's a lot, what comes to mind right now though is the animation where Dob (that was the name of Millbee's porc bard right? /justwokeup) was singing.
  • Hmm, i want to enter and my favourite Urealms moment was when K4 got his name and met the kobolds with the rest of his party, the entire K4 thing was funny and his reactions to it were hilarious.
  • I like character creation tbh, when Roamin got peasant was amazong
  • dont need the game but this is very nice of you to do knowing that a good amount of urealms fans cant afford to throw $20 at a game
  • I think my favorite moments of Urealms are when ridiculous things happen like Roamin's Elephelk jumping over the lake and other moments like that

  • Any moment with Deadbones in it is my favorite moment.
  • Thanks for the support guys!
  • I think my favorite urealms moment was the noTricks puppies in the grill moment
  • Bumping up for more entries
  • Hi. I came because I heard something about giving away a simulator of tabletop games. Am I in the right place (also, just so you know, my favorite moment, is Karl killing tons of porcs, also, what's your name on steam?)
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    Alrtight, putitng a bit more of my first favorite episodes was the Zarlin catacoms..was the first time everyone had a really fun interesting character, and morganna marrie is my fav urealm girl
  • I was thinking about getting a copy once the mod gets out, but if I get lucky and get it this way, cool!

    Anyway, best moment... Probably during the Zarlin Catacombs when Deadbones randomly throws an apple at the giant Beenu machine and Rob sort of breaks in anger.
  • Most of my favorite moments has always involving dealing a ton of damage, since I'm a minmaxing type of guy. So either in the side quest where Justin played as Tennís, a warrior and kept spinning while being fed actions from the rest of the team.
    It could also have been when Justin also near killed himself, playing as Jebediah, the suicidal paladin.
  • Awesome idea! It's great that you're doing this, I'm in!
    for winning :p
  • I am joining this contest in behalf of my friend,
  • This is the reason this community is so awesome! So many good hearted people! I would love to try a campaign with internet strangers  :)

    Favorite moment: role-play jokes aka shitlord delivering a pizza   ~_~

    Roll for my chances to win 
  • I don't need a copy, but you are really kind for doing this  :)
  • My favorite moment was when Deadbones rolled triple 20s in the cobblers campaign
  • That time when that person rolled a 
  • Definitely my favorite moment was when Coe died to a donkey falling on him. Oh what times we live in when that is the first actual player death of URealms. 
  • Favorite moment: Coe's fidget spinner I think, mostly because of Rob's reaction to it spinning xD
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    This is pretty cool to be honest! I hope whoever gets the game from you has a lot of fun with it! And my favorite moment in URealms Live would be a certain moment in the tower of Ultimate Wizardry when two ones were rolled in the lava room. Don't want to spoil it for anyone that might not have seen that yet, just look forward to shocked silence when you get there!

    I wouldn't say no to a copy off TTS myself either though!
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