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What are people's thoughts on Inanimate Object Companions?

I've been working on my own custom expansion that adds boots to URealms (it will be Bootiful). For a Cobbler Class that is WIP, I had an idea for a companion that is an inanimate object and is used to give more abilities for cheaper but at the cost of having to lug around and protect this cart.
custom card

The passive Card "Inanimate Object" is what sets the rules, explaining how the companion works.
custom card

The other abilities are ones which only make sense in my expansion and also are quite helpful to the Cobbler class.

custom card

custom card

So yeah, just wondering what your guys thoughts are :).


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    I mean, what is an inanimate object but a tool? An 'Item' if you will? And some Items are less valuable then others. Some are more like 'Treasures' then just purely items. ( :) )

    I think an Inanimate Object Companion is kind of silly for this game... Then again, the world of URealms is silly already. I would say you could turn Shoemaker's Cart into an Item card, but that's just me.
  • That is really interesting, I would love to see some more things, such as maybe a storage chest for extra storage space or something haha, I'm really not creative though
  • That's a really cool idea. I also like the thought of "I'm going to have an odd ally. Oh... I'm allied to a cart"
  • @friskyBrisky I know i could have made it an item, just i had a random thought that i could make it into a companion instead, so its just something different and i like how it might work but it could be confusing idk.
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    @TinyBomby Yeah there are a few different things people could do for 'bigger' items, this is just to show off an idea i had.
    @Coldfire4134 Hahaha true, that would be great although i think that card only adds mercenary companions :/.
  • I would love to have a pet rock that like every once in a while you roll and if you get a 20 the rock comes to life and maybe gains like an earth based spell or just ya know be adorbs
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