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Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and The Beenu

So, I was sitting around today re-watching the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry part 1, and was reminded that the Zarlin Catacombs actually lie underneath the Tower. What's interesting about this is that in TUW II, it is established that the Tower exists in the Realm of Holding. This means that the Beenu not only were capable of accessing the Realm of Holding. but they used it with enough regularity to have strongholds within it. This makes me wonder if its possible that some Beenu actually survived, since what rendered them sterile was the poisoning of their silver as we saw in Azveltara Z. Since it can be assumed that the Beenu within these Realm of Holding strongholds would have their own independent supply of silver, part of me wonders if there is secretly just a pocket of Beenu that have been living in the the Realm of Holding, hiding from the elves who committed genocide against their race. Just a theory. 


  • @ahnowic I'm sure someplace, somewhere there is a few secret Beenu that have survived. I mean that's such a good possible story outlet and I doubt Rob would pass up on something with such potential.

    I do really like the Beenu Holding dimension stronghold. Maybe that's where Jameson Blant and his crew ended up.
  • Think you got it a little mixed up.

    "The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry" is both two places. There is the actual physical tower that you can see from the outside, and a long series of various "rooms" that exist in the realm of holding / other pocket dimension.

    So the Zarlan Catacombs are beneath the physical tower in the "real" world, when you go "inside" the tower to climb it though, you are transported to a second location inside the realm of holding / other pocket dimension.

    so no beenu structures in the realm of holding no.
  • Another thing is that we don't know how long the realm of holding has existed for, we didn't see anyone try to access it pre birth of magic so we don't know if its always been there or if somone (most likely quintara for various reasons I won't go into here) created more recently when the beenu were already dead
  • Both good points, though as far as I'm aware its never expressly stated that the Tower exists within the URealm, at least not within a campaign. Honestly there are a lot of ways of countering the theory given the nature of the show and that "a wizard did it" is always a viable explanation, I just found the idea interesting and wanted to share it. 
  • I can't remember when but I know Rob has said that the lobby of the tower exists over the Zarlin catacombs @ahnowic
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Well, we kinda saw it in ToUW 1 that it was and all that.
  • Lyn climbed the tower before the beenu were extinct so the tower must have existed on the zarlin catacombs while the beenu were still alive, assuming that the beenu did build it prior to the construction of the tower or something.  This means that the tower existed while the beenu were alive so it is possible that some may have entered the tower. some may have even tried to climb the tower just to get quintara's help after they were made infertile as a possible way to survive or save their species.
  • What if the Beenu built the physical  tower for Quintara, or maybe she took it from them. 
  • So over the last day or so I've been re-watching The Zarlin Catacombs, and they never directly state that the catacombs exist within the realm. All that's clarified canonically is that the catacombs are below the tower and have been long abandoned. 
  • I think Rob has stated that the tower entrance is normally in the realm. Don't remember where though. @ahnowic
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