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If you won the next DD, what would your Avatar be?



  • Aang.

    Wait, I may have misunderstood the question... :kawaii: 

    In all seriousness, Monk is my favorite class thematically and Nimbus Familiar is one of my favorite concepts, so my custom avatar would probably look a bit like Aang anyways.
  • I assume I can bend the rules slightly for my pic.
    It'd definitely be Glitch.
    Basically a wolf-girl, black rectangular anime pupils, with a yellow rim around them, and then normal whites of her eyes. Her skin is decently fair, and her hair is kinda a yellow-white. Her ears are basically skinned like Missingno. from pokemon, and she has fangs made of TV static.
    And she'd be holding up a peace sign and winking.
  • @Lucius_E To add on to my last post that I thought more about. I would want something somewhere between Fluffbold and Sandbold.  Like Fluffbold that isn't quite as chubby, maybe just a little bit chubby and that looks a bit more like the sandbold avatar. With the white fur of a fluffbold of course. 
  • im a furry so this is easy
    maybe a fluffy golden retriever with a cowboy hat, dyed purple tips on her ears, and just genuinely adorable pupperino --- or a kobold with flowers n' stuff and then a kinda dreamweaver theme (that's my favorite class)
  • you think it's required that the custom avatars look dark, edgy, and emo? or is that just what the two that we've seen came out looking like?
  • @TamTroll nah, don't think that's necessary. For something called the Order of Chaos I'm expecting the unexpected - folks from all walks of life. So basically your dream character.
  • i think mine would be similar to my senior pictures as a pizza wizard. Here's a link for those who want to see me in my glory. I would probably be either a dwarf or elven wizard.
  • I would be a kobold that is both edgy and cool.
  • Prolly just my fursona (lol)
  • @TamTroll funnily enough, the reference picture I gave them, drawn by the wonderful @SugarSmear many months ago, wasn't that edgy! but there's always the twist, the rub behind all of this!
  • @TaeyRurj ; Ahh, so you tell them what you want and they make it edgy. makes sense to me! :P
  • @TaeyRurj Hmmmm, I'm not entirely sure I want to make an Edgy Gobolf, but if that's what's gotta happen, then so be it. :)
  • @TamTroll
    Well mine was destined to be edgy as soon as I decided I wanted it to be an Ageless Reaper, which I chose to fit the Divine Decision.
  • Hey maybe someone can look fine on the outside and be edgy on this inside.
  • @friskyBrisky

    Gobolf covered in blades. clearly :p  

    can Gobolfs even BE edgy? wait... no... THEY TOTALLY COULD!
  • @TamTroll I remember that show. Even though it was Hot Wheels themed, it was probably the best show from that Studio.

    And I mean, Shaniel clearly showed that Gobolfs aren't all just whimpering cowards. He had his moments of cunning (though they were always cut short). I just really like Gobolfs a lot. :p
  • @friskyBrisky

    who was Shaniel?
  • basically an elf that looks like me. I love elves!
  • @TamTroll The Gobolf in the Silvermine Mountains. The one who is eventually murdered for witnessing the Ageless plan.
  • @friskyBrisky gotcha. for some reason his name didn't show up when i looked him up on the wiki. weird.
  • @TamTroll He's kind of a minor character; I wouldn't imagine him getting a whole page for himself.
  • I've generally used the same look for my own personal character, I'd probably just go with that. Taller dwarf with a specific red bow, purple checkered hood, and a few other extraneous attributes.
  • @TamTroll his name comes up if you look under Rusty as it was a minor character as his cell mate
  • If I, somehow, won a DD, I would like my avatar to be like the current ginger keen male, except looking more psychotic or just trickster demon like. Ram horns, redder hair, icy blue eyes, dark cloak, and a wicket smile with jagged teeth.

    Wait, remind me why we can't just upload our own avatars?
  • now that I think about it I will just be a dude in a tuxedo that is holding a wiemeroner (sorry that was misspelled) just bein a cool dude 
  • @PyreStarite I feel this is a much bigger argument.
  • @PyreStarite ;

    1. It makes having a custom avatar for wining a divine decision more special. if everyone could just upload their own avatars then it wouldn't be that interesting.

    2. Helps make sure everything stays friendly. don't want people with dick-avatars or off-theme avatars, We're supposed to be semi-roleplaying as old god characters here, so it wouldn't much make sense for someone to have a mountain as an avatar.
  • But Dick-avatars are so beautiful @TamTroll
  • I want an Azveltarian Ageless who's beast is a Skelephelk. I've always loved the name skelephelk, so I gotta go with it. The azveltarian would look somewhat like me, but with antlers and tusks, or at least tusk tattoos.
  • Mine would be based off of my first character from a tabletop RPG.
    He would be a tall dwarf sharpswordsman with blonde hair and chin stubble and green eyes. He would be wearing a brown leather trench coat and a green tunic/shirt. He would have a longsword in a sheath on his back.
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