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Posting an Albert the Monkeyfish Fan "Art" Post everyday until Rob puts him in a new campaign DAY18

Disclaimer: Look this is really just my Albert Shitpost thread instead of infecting the entire forum with it. I'll try to post something everyday but life's life so I can only guarantee once a week but I'll try to have a backlog as well. 

YO WHAT UP LITTLE BOIS. I'mma show you all why I love me this little itty bitty boi named A L B E R T EVER HEARD OF HIM? No..? Oh, uh. OKAY WILL SIT YO LITTLE BEHIND DOWN AND GET READY. Albert is the Monkeyfish. No not a monkeyfish THE monkeyfish. The straight up dankest boi that ever did swimmy swim in the Monkeyfish King's lair. The monkeyfish king kicked out my Boi Albert to go help Roamins Band of Thieves find a key SINCE THAT KING BITCH NEW MY BOI WOULD SURPASS HIM AND TAKE HIS THROWN IF HE WASN'T KICKED OUT FIRST. Damn. Anyway Imma show my love and appreciation to this little duder until maybe we see him in a campaign or some shit. Or until I'm just told to stop. Honestly that second one is waaaaay more likely. (Ay yo Rob if you're reading this I love you. Only like a 10th homo.) 

NOW WE GONNA KEEP THIS THREAD A R T I S T I C. Any Albert Fan Art you got go ahead and post that shit. And listen up yo cause art can be anything. You got a picture? Good shit. You got a haiku? Good shit. You got a sexy errotic AlbertxVirgo Sunsword Fanfic? Uh, I'm pretty sure theres already a thread for that BUT TAG THAT SHIT AS NSFW POST IT AND THATS GOOD SHIT.

Now I know this isn't exactly the same thing but I also like pointing out and promoting something that could be considered similar since it's both, potentially similar, existed first, and it's good shit. So check out @TheGallantKnight and his post where he's doing a new drawing everyday. He's a fantastic artist and it's something great to follow. The thread can be found hereI'd like to start with my own custom drawing of Albert since I am greatest artist...
Also I'm putting this in Fanarts and creations since I don't know where else it would go.

Day 1:



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