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New Porc City Nobility - Character Creation Thread

New Porc City - the sights are bright, the porcs are brighter. It is a stunning city full of more technological advancement than most gnomish cities - why? Well, porcs are bred for a purpose. To uphold the law. To build, to protect, to serve. Unfortunatley like any good governemnt, it appears there is a plan for a coup d'état - an overthrow of porcs who want to go back to respecting the strongest porc rather than the strength of society. You are a group of porcish nobles who are vital in this civil porc war. 

The prompt is that you a group of the New Porc City nobility, because if there can be porcs bred to protect, there can be porcs bred to lead. Of course not all the characters you make have to lead - some might be bodyguards, or porcs of honour, or important porcs. 

So the Races are Porc and Blackboar, just incase that wasn't obvious. 

Set 1: 

Classes: Rouge, Enchanter, Bandito, Bard, Sharpsword, Puppeteer, Sun Cleric. 

Treasure: Pot Puppy Seeds, Sandshot, Firework Launcher, Grappling Hook, Flashback Scroll, Fist in a Box, Neural Link Gun, Rod of the Monkeyfish, Niche Knowledge, Flexible Limbs, Cleric Sticks, Hatezen Fury, Crystal Catalyst, Swammie, Ice Lancer, Quake Maker, Tome of Slime Walls, Acidic Saliva, Swift Feather Boots, Bronze Fishing Pole. 

Supplies: Legend, Wild Magic, Learn Magic, Conjurer, Veteran, Giant, Mind Heist Training, Legendary Spell Scroll, Wintercoat of protection. 

Weapons: Fine Falchion, Oaken Staff, Frozen Rod of Power, Elemental Scepter, Heartbark Crossbow, Arcano Lute, Steel Longsword, Elephelk Horn Staff, Stone Flail, Stormback. 

Armor/Shield: Regrowth Magic Guard, Electrocuter, Bloody Bulwark, Rokesh Pantsuit, Thornmail, Lifestone, Light Kite Shield, Clockwork Vest, Midas Shield, Plate Chain

Set 2: 

Classes: Sheriff, Magician, Alchemist, Dreamweaver, Hydromancer, Templar, Theurgist. 

Treasure: Duplication Orb, Frog Stick Totem, Deeper Freezer, Swammie, Bloodlust Book, Inscribe-O-Matic, Wand of Direction, Glacial Prisonater, Lucky foot, Fishing Net, Nova Plume Staff, Lethal Arms, Transmogifer, Giant Spells, Spellvamp Pages, Pot Puppy Seeds, Restoration Staff, Book of Cursed Spells. Equality Charm. Chronomina Maxer Clock. 

Supplies: Wild Magic, Burn Heal, Odd Ally, Amulet of Bones, Speciality Spell Scroll, Wild Magic, Learn Magic, Instructor, Forge Weapon. 

Weapons: Casters Trinket, Short Sword, Dulled Vorpal Slayer, Spiked anchor, Spellbook, slingshot, Frozen Rod of Power, Blunderbuss, Merchants Cutlass, Hammer of Light. 

Armor/shield: Midas Shield, Tigery Zoot Suit, Merchant Trenchcoat, Runecoat, Arcanist Tails, Colorful Lycra Suit, Porc Skin Armor, Steel Spiked Shield, Dexterous.

Set 3: 

Classes: Runemaster, Buccanner, Booty Raider, Sea Chef, Seeker, Wizard, Bard. 

Treasure: Twin Dragon Amulet, Headcannon Helmet, Acidic Saliva, Twin Fairies, Quake Maker, Hiking Boots, Masterful Ruby, Glacial Prisonator, Wind tour Scroll, Deeper Freezer, Shillelagh, Restoration Staff, Clockadile Oil, Rocket Boots, Grimshade Blade, Bolt Staff, Trusty trumpet, Chipped Prisim, Ironskin, The Magicians Stone. 

Supplies: Odd Ally, Pearl of Hindsight, Pearl of Hindsight, Veteran, Burn Heal, Winterstone Protection, Righteous, Conjurer, Ankh of Life, Mind Heist Training. 

Weapons: Dwarven Runeblade, Lotus Bloomstaff, Elemental Mage Gauntlet (Light Arcane) Mage Hands, Short Sword, Midas Fist, Needle Fury, Titanium Greatsword, Cutlass, Bronze Mace. 

Armor/shield: Makeshift Armor, Bonewall, Regrowth Shield, Lifelink, Patchwork Armor, Small buckler, Melted Flesh, Plate Chain, Cloth Robes, Living Shield. 


  • Crag

    Crag is a member of the Honor Guard. An imposing figure, he protects the court with both his physical and magical powers, the latter of which manifest through the runes that he uses to support allies and throw enemies into disarray. Trained from such a young age to believe in the goodness of his superiors, he never questions their motives and cannot be swayed. He is the perfect guard: obedient, loyal, and powerful.
  • Desani_Serahgu

    A jolly porcish researcher whom transifugres himself into a random companion to figure out what their deal is! He tends to share his findings with the higher ups and is regarded as high in porc society for his intellect and ideas. 
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    Althidon Kriel

    Althidon Kriel was not born a porc. No, instead he was born a bright elven dreamweaver. For Al it was not enough to observe he needed to experience. He wanted to feel the memories of others. So he stole himself a porc. He tried and tried but the magic didn't seem to work, he needed more power! But it was too much. Instead of viewing his mind he switched minds. Being the bright Elf he is, this was not a good place for him. Porc's brains have not been made to hold vast intelligence so his brain power only comes through in bursts while acting like a normal porc at other times. After trying to fight to get his body back he decided the only place for him was with the porc's being an adviser for the higher ups. This whole process has made him a tad insecure so damage wise he sticks to Hallucinations and Nightmares, but when in his Dreamworld he looks like his Elven self ready to annihilate the enemies minds.

    (Edit: Rolled a 15 for Gold and I am using Shop set 2)
  • Samson_Skipton

    Samson Skipton is part of the New Pork city Elemental department. Him and his trusty frost elemental Berg have been on the force for 25 years now with 245 successful arrests under their belt. My interpretation of a K-9 police force Samson's bond with his elemental is strong. Samson's kit is built around stunning opponents and walling them in to find a peaceful solution to combat before letting Berg have his way with them. 
  • rollin' for cash...
  •  Kellek

    Kellek is an entertainer for many of high-class porcish politicians and is sometimes even a trusted confidant. She is considered to be extremely attractive by Porc standards and is very popular because of her charitable work.
    ** I don't think I expressed this character very well so in short: A very kind (& attractive?) porc who works with the higher-class because she believes in peace over power.***        
  • Duke_Hamm
    Set 1: Duke Hamm

    Dressed to the nines in a tailored black suit with a bowtie (Beneath which an expensive gnome-designed set of body armor lays), is Duke Hamm - A towering Black Boar nobleman. Short tempered and unpredictable, Duke Hamm rarely goes anywhere without a shortsword at his side, a handful of enchanted jewels to throw to the masses (should they irritate him) and... Suprisingly enough, his therapist.

    Stay with me now.

    Bulkey is a therapist - He was hired as an intervention after Hamm broke one of his servants necks, the result of being served the wrong kind of caviar one midsummer evening. Hamm immedeatly believed him to be a replacement servant, and now promptly takes him wherever he goes. Bulkey has so far managed to not enrage Hamm further, which has resulted in his continued survival - But the diminutive worker hopes to one day find the true reason as to why Duke Hamm is so angry - And to help him cope with whatever problems he holds deep within.

    Little does he know, Hamm is pretty much just an angry fellow. There's not much more to it.
  • I introduce to you the GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT! build. The five Companion Abilities I drew (I redrew Dragon Flames and Reconstitute EX) make me incredibly dangerous and capable of keeping the enemy under control. Many kills shall be made by this character.

    Marko, the Head of Defense in the Porc council, is a Bandito who's seen a lot of shit and done a lot of shit in his lifetime. Here we can see an intrepid Porc journalist interviewing Marko.

    "Excuse me? Yes, can you take a moment to tell us about yourself? We're looking for something to have for our latest article."

    "Sorry, I don't read the paper. I don't read at all, for that matter."

    "Literacy a touchy subject? We'll keep that one in mind. Anyway, we'd like to hear about your life and how you came to be one of the newest members of the men in pink!"

    "Fine. I was born in the Purple Tower. I left for the city, tried to scrape together a living for years, and eventually ended up as the head of defense once they realized how qualified I was for such a job. Is that good enough for you?

    "Well, aren't you going to tell us about your many talents? Anything about your job? And is it really true that you killed those speeding Eaglebears in a high speed chase?"

    "I'm a talented bodyguard, graduated at the top of my class in the police academy. I'm in charge of the bodyguards. And no, we are not allowed to fire our guns in a high speed chase."

    "Do you have any comment on the civil war currently going on? What do you think the other Porcs are going to do to the nobility once they reach them?"

    "None of them will ever reach the nobility alive."
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    Set 1
    Gold: 1060 (1000 + 20 + 40)
    Stamina: 76

    Po is a well dressed Porc, wearing a black suit, coat, and tie. His scepter acts as a cane while his longswords hangs by his side.

    He is the head of the Goldhide Clan, which is a major merchant family in New Porc City. The Goldhide Clan is one of forefront providers of goods and supplies for NPC with connections all across the realm. He also has a seat in the Council of Porcs.

    However on the other side, Po is also one of the seven heads of the Underground City, the place where criminals and illegal activities are abundant, as well as the mob boss of the Black Tusk, a Porc crime syndicate.

    He is an especially unforgiving and vengeful person as one of his hobbies is keeping a collection of soul puppets of those who have opposed him. Though cruel, he is cares a lot about his family and would do anything to make them the strongest in the realm. He likes to use deception and fear tactics in both combat and negotiation.

    He rarely gets involved in fights but when he does, a new puppet gets added to his collection.
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