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Sin of the Unforgotten

Does anyone have an image file of a sin? I need it to make a meme but I can't find one.


  • Sadly I do not think there is a PNG file of the sin avaliable yet

    (But if anyone does have one, the Wiki could sure use it!)
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    Isn't it something like the accolades given to the Divine decision winners? Could at least use that as a base if you went on one of their profiles. Wish I could be more helpful  :(
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    @Badzee that’s the order of chaos symbol, not the sin of the unforgotten symbol. They are different.

  • Is a sin the same as the Order of Chaos symbol? if so here is the accolade

  • There's a clear image of the sin on galens wrist in the last cinematic of mana arc.
  • @buhn that is the order of chaos symbol, I couldn't find the sin of the unforgotten symbol
  • oh, hmm. Can you remember when the sin symbol showed up?
  • During the last cinematic in the last campaign there's a close up of galen's wrist.
  • yeah I checked the one on Galen, it's the same as the one I just sent
  • @kreeperkiller63 ah thanks, haven't ever looked at them that closely but maybe I should as its probably going to help for the future 
  • @kreeperkiller63
    I'm pretty sure they're just the same, seeing as in the donation event of Den of Devils showed that symbol on "Roamins" arm

    I mean, it might be different. If it is, then I am completely unaware of what the Sin of the Unforgotten Symbol looks like. And I am not able to contribute anything to this anymore
  • I think Galen's sin is the only one ever actually seen. The others are only talked about because there probably isn't a part for it in puppet pals
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    I just looked back at Lunk in DoD(sin), Lyn is LAG(sin), and the symbol in the back ground during the AZ tournament(OoC), and they were all the same symbol.
    So i'm wrong, the order of chaos, and sins of the unforgotten symbols are the same.
    (at least they look the same as far as i can tell)
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