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Theories About the Fate Worse than Death? (Potential Spoilers)

So we know (or at least assume given the events of the previous campaign) that the next character to fail a death roll will suffer a fate worse than death, so i'm curious what we think that fate will be. I personally believe that that character will immediately have their mind destroyed and become a conduit of the Old Gods, given that the meta plot seems to be the focus of Season 3 at this point. 


  • My theory is they become like Maelstrom and that Maelstrom was the last person to get a fifth sin/suffer from the effect 
  • It could be that character gets removed from canon.
  • @kreeperkiller63 what if it's a style of "you don't exist, you never existed, and you never will exist"
  • Maybe the old golds physically become them. Like they are just a puppet now who can use meta info
  • Maybe they can interact with our world somehow, like they become an old god themselves.
  • pretty sure thats what they meant @Galeden ;

    IMO having them become a believer would be pretty neat.

    That way when they die/get asked if they are a believer only for them to deny it everyone that cares about them will begin to wonder where the real version went and how long ago they got replaced. 

    Think if galen/gwenyth/virgo had this happen to them. For the rest of their existence people would not think they were real and just look for the real version. They would be completely removed from society. 
  • Fate worse than death, eh? How about locked in a room and forced to listen to Phineas saying BOOOOOOONNES! for all eternity. Seems pretty bad to me. Fun at first but after a few days...
  • The fate worse than death is that this character's actions are now completely and utterly controlled by chat, it's like some Twitch Plays URealms shit. The character will continue to live but the rest of his life is absolute chaos as he's just doing all sorts of random shit and while he's aware of all that is going on, he has to endure being exposed to some of the worst chat has to offer and can never ever control his own actions again.

    It's a brilliant scheme because Rawb never has to worry about chat again, they're too busy fighting over what the character does every 15 seconds.
  • So one of the big themes of Urealms is how the death of a character isn't necessarily the worst thing in the world.

    Every character in this universe is a story, and every story has an ending, so having a good death is actually the best outcome any character can hope for.

    Under this logic, "a fate worse than death" for a character in Urealms would be something that ruins their best ending, something that ruins the story of their life. 

    Like @kreeperkiller63 mentioned, having the character deleted from canon was one of my first thoughts. The fate worse than death for a fictional character is to not have a story at all. 

    My only doubt about it is that it could be too unsatisfying on the meta-level? It might feel like it is taking something away from us rather than giving us something new to work with. Depending on what character is afflicted with it.

    Another recurring theme, (particularly in Season 1 of Urealms when the Blanket of Darkness was used prevalently,) is how a character turning turning utterly 100% insane is almost just as bad as the character dying, because their personality and "character" ceases to exist.

    This was also explored in the latest campaign, with the revelation that Gwyneth as a character "died" when her character became the Grand Paladin. 

    If it goes the Madness angle, it will have to be a tricky balance, because turning into a Maelstrom-level character might actually (depending on perspective) be an improvement on a character's story. 

    In either case, whether it is madness, or the character simply ceasing to exist as all their friends and family forget all about their existence, I trust Rob will make it sufficiently tragic. (and make us feel sufficiently bad about causing all the sins)

  • I feel like it will make the person go ether crazy or live forever but just be kinda brain dead. As Rob has gone to into the past that immortality is a curse. Also I feel like he will want us to feel guilty for the characer because we have caused some of the curses.
  • Most of these suggestions of what the fate worse than death is, none of them are satisfyingly punishing enough. 

    I don't know what the fate worse than death is, but I know it has to be more meaningful then anything suggested so far. It also has to be something we haven’t seen before in urealms.

    it can’t be a person no longer exists, that could end up being a very minor thing to happen.
    it can’t be that person losing there mind we have seen that before.
    and it can’t be torcher for that person, if it’s a minor character that happens to that will also be a fairly meaningless thing.

    Something more meaningful would be like turning that character into Timmy the evil, and massively changing the realm, For example.
  • i don't really have a theory about what it could be. but traditionally a fate worse than death is often something referring to a punishment that you will have to live with as in won't fully kill you. so going with that in mind the first thing that i could think of was for them to go through a otherworldly transformation. like them being transform in to some type of monster stuck between life and death. like a wight ghouls Specter or phantom.
  • They get dragged into our world. Thats a fate worse than death.
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    They get shown dead meme after dead meme until their flesh melts off their skull
  • My thought was that they were just going to be erased and basically retconned, as in that no one will know they even ever existed.
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    Well I think the non existent option has its merit as "death is your only ending, choose it wisely" makes sense in this context, even if you die you have a story behind you, you have people that remember you, should you not exist and everything you did is no longer contributed to you as no one remembers you and through that, the brains of people would automatically fill in the gaps. The brain tends to make up reasons for things if they don't fully understand things so why would you being erased from existence and memory behave any differently in others eyes. so everything about your existence would come to be in vain and empty.
    Side note: though what would be truly a fate worse than death comes down to the views and values of who you ask, it's a subjective view so we can't always measure it as an objective one. 
  • So my personal theory is that the fate worse than death doesn't occur to the character who fails the death roll, it would actually happen to the player who rolls the death roll. Based on the wording of the forums, which says "the first person to fail a Death Roll after five characters are marked by a Sin receives a fate worse than death."  Not a character, but a person. Rawb has said that all the characters are just that - characters in a story. No more, and no less. Assuming that the forum is right on what those particular donation events said (I wouldn't know, I wasn't there), this seems to imply that whatever this fate may be, it would happen to whoever rolled the dice, aka one of the players. If this is true, and I'm not completely off base, I have no ideas on what the fate would be. A random idea would be that the person that failed the roll would be removed from the show. So if, say, Co fails a death roll, that's it, no more Co on the show. Ever. It would certainly make us regret handing out sins!
  • @proudmhello
    That would ruin the show.  To just kick or a cast member without a fair reason, especially if they are entertaining. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 @Galeden
    I personally don't mind a "Who's Rem?" element being added to the show, where the characters don't remember anything about who died even if the players characters do.
  • @proudmhello If Rob would do that he'd get so much insane backlash, and he knows that. He's definitely not stupid enough to do that. The players are a huuuge part of this show, cutting that out for something almost gimmicky would be the first step towards the death of this show.
  • @Fera though that was my first suggestion, but I'm not too happy with it after giving it more thought, because the next character to lose a death roll statistically won't be a major character. so losing a character that has only added little to nothing to the show, would complete undermined the consequences of the sins.
    im also unsatisfied with that, as we have already seen event get removed from canon like gobos of pat, so the sins just doing we have seen before also undermines the sins.
  • @Zeeboon @Fera ;
    Eh, I guess your right. But I still think that something happening to one of the players would be interesting. Kicking them out would be too extreme I guess.
  • @proudmhello I think it was a good thorey, but the problem with it is that, the old gods only have the power to manipulate the show, so if a player got kicked, that wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Especially considering the fact the most the sin were gotten though donations events, so rob firing someone because fans supported the show just doesn't make sense.
  • Any mention of the character disappears. They aren’t nesscicarily out of cannon but there as good as. Anything they have done stays around though which would be pretty intresting, maybe the 5th sin is from a politician and suddenly there gone, who made all these laws? Or what if the 5th sin is for a guy who made a race, what a mystery!
  • I don't think it can be something like ruining the world or doing something evil because the story can always continue. The world being taken over by evil just sets the stage for a bold group of heroes to fix it. That's not really a fate worse than death sort of thing.

    I think the fate worse than death is that a character would be made aware they are a character in a game and never be able to exist outside of that campaign. They would be trapped in one stream and nine youtube videos. You can't be forgotten or erased forever because the fans/old gods will still remember you even if none of the other characters will. This solution also doesn't mess up canon in any way because the character was still around for all the events of the campaign. It's just their story never finishes and their backstory will never be told.
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    I don’t think the character that gets the fate worse than death with die per se but whatever happenes to them will probably involve the order of chaos in some way. For example maybe they turn into the new avatars that the DD winners got?
  • @Railith I was thinking that full erasure didn't make sense for the same reason as you! It's not like Rob's gonna tell the wiki boiis to delete any pages with characters that suffer a fate worse than death
  • Nah I could see Rob doing that. 
  • My bet on what the fate worse than death would be is something we will never expect. Rob will have to plan something that fits this situation that makes since but isn't as simple as "you no longer exist with certain exceptions".

    Though, when Rem ceased to exist in Re:Zero, that played out dynamically well. Rob could make it work, not impossible, but i don't know.
  • On an extra bit of the "cease to exist" bit, what if they are simply unremembered? They still exist, but they essentially cause amnesia in every person they meet, making them unable to form bonds or relationships with anyone (bar a powerful meta character like maelstrom.) This works especially well if they are made immortal by their "Super Sin," making them unable to even die to relieve the pain.
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