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Mazzaroo's Art Stuff

Hey Mazz here! I've been a fan of urealms from the start but i'm more of a quietly-lurking-in-the-background kind of gal.

However, I thought it'd be nice to share some of the drawings I've done over the seasons. I'm not sharing anything from Season one though, its old enough that it makes me cringe. FELLOW ARTISTS YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

Lets start this off with something from Season 2, The woodcarvers campaign.

I believe I finished this one just after the campaign came out so these aren't their canon designs, but we have the stonemasons and turtle girl, Penelope Saysong.

I think this is a really early Gwyneth sketch, I wanted to have a go a drawing somewhat realistic armour, I might go back to this one and clean it up. Next to her is an early Quintara Lotus Sketch (before her elf form was revealed). I based most of her look from the silhouette of her dragon form.

more sketches! i always find it fun to see artists processes. I believe most of this was sketched while watching The Senate of Deadlantis. I wanted to draw some High Fashion elves but probably got distracted and never finished anything off. I might finish off the Barringster sketch, I love that terrible family.

The wondertwins themselves, Galen and Gwyn. This was drawn yesterday, I won't spoil the latest campaign but I am having a lot of feelings right now. ANyway, I have a headcanon that they are identical BUT Gwyn plucks the curly brows.

Lastly we have a more updated Quintara that I drew while watching the latest campaign/watching six stream. Her outfit is partly based off her puppet and my original drawing of her.


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