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  • @Pufflemore the card should also say “old god rawb tricked us, no tricks”
  • @kreeperkiller63 yep because...that ending really hit home for me
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    If you would hear whispers of apologies of some invisible gods, either you wouldn't understand them, (Galen doesn't seem to understand what is an Old God, so talking to him more could just confuse him more) or you would think they are mocking you, because what you see like omnipotent gods wouldn't apologize.

    In any case, I think that talking to someone who doesn't know what exactly are the Old Gods and that they are characters in a story would just confuse them or made them go crazy. Rob warned us about this method of communication and I wouldn't take this warning lightly.

  • I gave this thing a thought and came to the conclusion that Galen asked Quintara to help him save Gwyneth. So instead of "We are sorry" we can tell him, that we are going to help and that he may not trust our words, but see our actions. That might make him more angry for now, but in the long run he might trust us more if we actually help him.
  • so we gonna send galan a card with some flowers? shouldn't we write something more heartfelt than ''were sorry we forced you to kill your sister -Caprikel the old god''
  • @Revoltman
    idk we do not want things to get worse so...idk
  • and shouldn't we get the old god who did it in the first place to send the order to maelstrom to send the letter to galan?
  • "Our bad."

    Sincerely, the Old Gods.
  • I'm pretty sure the only one who can take this back is the amazing @TaeyRurj.
  • If Maelstrom were to send Galen a letter, theres the possibility of Maelstrom saying more than needed or Galen tracking down Maelstrom for more information as he is an Investigator. I dont think that Galen will be happy to learn (if he doesn't already know) that we're essentially Final Gifting him with one of us eventually.
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    If I'm being honest I doubt there's little we can do to reconcile. We could, however, if we so desire, make it clear that the Old Gods do not act as one. Even use @TaeyRurj as a scapegoat to try and salvage a decent relationship between Galen and one of the other members of the Order of Chaos. There would be no real ill-will towards Taey, but we could certainly make them think there is.
  • I don't wanna be mean to Taey...
  • we wouldent even put on a show to have ill will tword Taey we would just have to say there would be ill-will and hope he trusts us
  • Well he's not gonna just fall for it. Plus he'd probably be more hellbent on doing something to the beautiful Taey than doing other things for our bidding before the sin kicks in that is. I don't think there's anything we can do to help him.
    Not to mention he has double the connection everyone else in the order of chaos does. God knows what he can see. He could be reading this for all we know! 
  • how could he possibly mess with taey?
  • I hope hes not reading this, that would really fuck him up if he could read all of the forums.
  • I just image Galen reading the forum rp part of the forums...may Locst help him if he do
  • He can't mess with Taey, but he probably won't try to do anything except it, so what's the point besides giving him the explanation he's owed?
  • he can only read what we say in the Order of Chaos board. nothing said here can be read.
    that said I'm possible to have my own plans, but by all means I would love to hear yours. c:
  • Maybe if the magnificent, wonderful Taey does more mean things to Galen, we can use that to make it seem like she's an outcast from the Old Gods.

    Then get Galen from behind when he's not expecting it.
    Hail Taey.
  • hm, interesting.
  • Convince him that we bicker often and that it could of been a much worse fate for him and the sunswords. If they continue to please us then their future is guaranteed. So kinda like blackmail him into working with us or he dies soon
  • The thing is, he's going to be working for us soon anyway, so what's the point in doing that? @Toruk ;

  • To be meanies.
  • But...being meanies is mean how could anyone do such a terrible act.
  • clearly me, lmao. I'm apparently the first meanie    ;p
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    @TaeyRurj ;No you're not! You're wonderful! Lance would have been a terrible Grand Paladin tbh. I'm definitely not trying to be lovey-dovey with every DD winner! <3
  • Don't worry @TaeyRurj I'm pretty sure the decisions me and @Caprikel made will have far more negative effects on the realm.
  • @Maris Lance would of been a better one in my opinion. But thats impossible to happen now
  • Well the DD said Lance would be the most aggressive Grand Paladin yet. I think we dodged a bullet.
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