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  • @Caprikel oh you guys got your profile pics cool 
  • I'd think nonsensical babbling would be fun. We could make a character go insane. 
  • @Caprikel so hows being the first old god to influenced the realm? 
  • @Pufflemore
    It's pretty awesome, though I hope other DD winners try it as well so I don't end up being the only person who interacts with it.
  • i like the idea of pushing them to spread our influence through the sins. making a sinner spreed the corruption so to speech.
  • @Caprikel
    Hey I just realized something, as far as we know the numbers was the only thread to reach the Urealms world, it was also the only gilded thread do you think that Rob has to gild a thread for it to be heard by sinned characters?
  • @Caprikel I Can't wait to see someone try something absolutely insane, like give people false warnings of threats towards them, tell them false information, or have someone hear the Bopen Ballad so many crazy possibilities I can't wait to see what the other old gods do with their own takes and personalities.
  • @Caprikel If I use Final Gift on you can I steal your Order of Chaoshood?
  • @Kingedyou
    A couple things we learned this campaign is that our threads directed to specific characters do in fact only go to that character since Galen didn't hear our other threads. As far as I can tell, the thread becomes gilded in order to show that it was used, and so it can't be changed afterwards. 
  • @Maris
    I suppose so, but we would become merged into a single entity, and you would be stuck in my body, or the other way around.
  • @Caprikel
    Hmmm, are you planning to post anything else?
  • @Kingedyou
    I'll probably wait to see what the next campaign is about to see if there is something interesting to influence with it.
  • @Caprikel
    I think that's the best course of action here
  • @Caprikel Worth it. Now I just gotta find a scroll or something... in real life. There are so many bad things I would post through your body. Hehehe.
  • It's also strange that Sallazhar neither reacted in the sandbold recap, neither in the campaign. If he knows we exist, why didn't he answer the question Caprikel asked him?
  • @Maris Yeah, but then you would be stuck in college with me, and I don't think anyone would want to have to spend most of their time working out math problems.
  • @Dalard
    I guess Sallazhar doesn't have a sin, which would make sense since he didn't see the meta painting like Galen could.
  • @Caprikel Hmph. No wonder you like numbers. Still worth it to post a cryptic poem or something though... *Sweats looking at a math book*
  • @Caprikel I'm aware, don't worry. Deciding what I want to put there carefully is all.
  • Does anyone have the mental image of @Caprikel character was at some short of meta telegraph during the last donation event to give him the numbers 
  • someone should send a message to Galen trying to make him less angry. Tell that it was for the best or something. We don’t need the blade of realm trying to destroy us or something.
  • For once, I would agree with this. I think @Caprikel ; should be the one to do it, since they’ve gotten off to a good start. 
  • I feel that if we are going to send anything to Galen, we should send "We are sorry" and little else. I doubt that anything we tell him will calm him down or make him trust us.
  • We could reference sending the numbers to difuse the bomb
  • Numbers to a bomb that wouldn't blow up as far as he knows. Not much of an argument.
  • I thought it was an actual manabomb even though the crime was set up by quintara?
  • Deadbones later told that if bomb would go off it would just make confetti or of such. We don't really know if that is what would happen, but there is that possibility. And if I were angry, I'd believe that people that I am angry at set it up in just such a way. Let him cool off, make some mistakes, maybe get Rob to give us a choice of helping him. And then he might listen to us. But until then he will just use our words against us. Or at least he will try.
  • edited March 2018
    @RomanQrr I pretty sure Rob told DB that that would not have happened, that it was infact a real manabomb, and it would have exploded. But yes, I agree, we should let him cool off.
  • @RomanQrr @Emperor
    should we have Melastrom send Galen a we are sorry for forcing you to pretty much murder your sister card and some flowers?
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