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Campaign Thread: Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



  • I don't think Galen is blade of the realm, he missed the meeting that would have established him as blade if the realms. I assume that the council doesn't want Galen anymore as he missed this meeting. This is probably why leopold Barringster is going for the title.
  • So In the campaign Galen broke four walks, which I believe references the phrase "break the fourth wall".
  • @Qazerquoi I counted 3 walls and a trash can
  • @Rob Now I'm confused. That didn't count as a sin? Or it DID, but Galen was already marked so he doesn't get a new tattoo? We need to count the sins guys, this is critical.

  • @Pufflemore That is a fault to my thought, but you could say he punched the wall of a trash can. Also after the last punch Rob said something about it being the final time that Galen will punch a wall making it sound like there's some meaning to why he did it.
  • Do we know if Lyn's token in the market was indeed Lyn Azveltara as I suspect it is (what with the general use of the same tiles for the crowd otherwise and the presence of an assassin in that encounter) or just "This token is an elf"? Because if it is, then it's likely the tile of Vanessa Squishwitz is indeed Vanessa (she was between two stalls near Lyn, likely waiting for some sort of orders from her master).

    This is important because if both of these characters were present in the market together, then this campaign in all likelihood takes place before the scene with Lyn in The Sandbolds, which also places it before Leopold Barringster's ascension in The Sandbolds. In which case, why is Leopold running for Blade of the Realm so long after Galen would have so likely been appointed? Even though we don't know how Kobolds age, or even have a general understanding of how time works in the realms, and the possibility that aging is affected by living with other Sandbolds and using their hourglasses, it's clear a pretty significant amount of time has passed in this case; if I'm correct, then Galen Sunsword: PI takes place when the Sandbold children are kids or teens, before meeting Vanessa. Leopold's ascension is 2 acts later, when they're fully grown and quite experienced.

    In this time, what happened to cause the seat of Blade of the Realm to be open? Did Galen step down/die/etc? Did he never take the position in the first place? Are elven politics really slow? I've already seen questions of why Leopold would be running for the position, but if I'm correct about the timeline between The Sandbolds and Gallen Sunsword PI, then the implications of this question become a lot broader. And darker.
  • @GypsyCow I assume that because Galen missed his first council meeting, they revoked Galen’s title as blade of the realm, leaving the position open. Which is why Leopold is running for the title. 
    My head canon atleast.
  • Oh god, Milbee's character from this week reminds me of "Doc" and "Shu" from the avatar the last air bender, just because of how Doc and Shu were the same person but the personality changed depending on the hat he wore.
  • DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNG! jsut finished this on youtube and that ending!

    Galen realizes he didn't make the choice! Gwen is dead!? hooooly.... i thought it just merged their souls together or something! So where did the letter come from if Gwen is dead!? so many questions! and spoilers! i'm glad i waited until the last episode to post her because dang this post is full of spoilers!
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    @TamTroll ;  the transformation into grand paladin isn't instantaneous. so she simply wrote it before she lost her mind completely. but yes it was a hell of a ending
  • Did we ever get any indication as to what the deal with the Puppy was? It is definitley true that something is up, since it is immune to the time spell. I think the three possibilities regarding that are that its a Divine, a believer, or somehow a sandbold?
  • @LexderMob

    reading a few pages back, and it looks like @Snarky translated it for us.

    "YOU COWARD, Galen 
    The priests told me what comes next. What is wrong with you? How could you not tell me about this? I can understand why you did not become the grand paladin but I will never understand the cowardice of running away and leaving me to die without saying goodbye. I have no choice now. I will not push this death onto Lance or another one of our kin. You chose me to die after all and I must complete the ritual to resurrect Father wait. This means no. Our father has been dead all these years hasn't he? You knew that as well didn't you? You knew what the grand paladin was all à this time and you said nothing to me. Was I ever important to your life Galen? Did you hate me? Goodbye brother.

    so it looks like this was written before she underwent the ritual.

    seesh, so who / what IS the grand paladin then? It's certainly not the conglomeration of various souls and memories like we thought it was...
  • @TamTroll my bet is that it is Bruce! he is in the art for the ritual after all. and the personalty of the grand paladin is similar to how Rob use to role play Bruce back in the day.
  • virgo was the previous grand paladin, and Gwyneth from the purge preview was not at all like how virgo was, there is something else going on with the grandpaladin and final gift.
  • @kreeperkiller63

    So it's a crazy thought, and honestly i kinda hope it's not true.

    but what if the Grand Paladin (the REAL grand paladin, not Virgo, not Gwenith, not Bruce, but the entity that was repeatedly reincarnated into them) and Bopen... are the same "Thing" ? Not one and the same, different entities entirely, but the same... "species" you might say, the same kind of flowing, living energy, that just took solid form in different ways? the Grand Paladin could be the ultimate "Light" form of this being, while Bopen could be it's opposite, the ultimate "Dark"

    While GP seeks physical manifestation through the living, causing death in the process, Bopen seeks manifestation through the dead, sparing those who agree to serve him.

    i am of course very much an anti "BOPEN IS X!" theorizer. but this is still a neat thought that popped into my head. sooo... yeah.
  • I imagine gwen Isn't the type of person to give up her freewill and existence lying down. She's definitely my favorite character and I want to see how her ass is going to try to get out of this. If she does just take it lying down it would kind of be against her character. She was the one who stood against when the other paladins said to retreat and pushed to help people. If she just accepted the rules at took this it would seem kind of out of character, Despite this I don't know the full extent of what she believes, If I had to honestly guess, I would say she might even leave the paladins, she's done more help without them in the past, she might view this as a better alternative.
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    @TamTroll ;  well we know that its takes time for the minds of the two people that fuse to becomes one. they explain that when they talk about the grand paladin ritual in the teaser for the paladin order campaign.  and we see in the latest episode that the spell final gift that is related to the spell used for the ritual is working in a similar way. so the reason Gwyneth isn't acting like Virgo yet could easily be because she is still going thru the transformation, in the purge preview we might simply see the first signs of her losing it and having to fight to remain her self. @kreeperkiller63
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    watch the very ending of the most recent episode. the thing about the ritual is that she ISN'T herself. Essentially what happens is that Gwenyth's mind and soul are killed, sent to the void or afterlife or whatever they have / don't have to never see the light of day again. In their place, the "Grand Paladin" is inserted into the now-empty shell. It has Gwenyth's memories, but it is in no way Gwenyth, just as it has never been Virgo.

    What we have is "Grand Paladin" walking around in a Gwen-shell. it was "Grand Paladin" that ordered the purge, not Gwen. Gwenyth hasn't existed since the ritual took place in GPO.

    edit: if you think about it, we were kind of given a clue about this in senate of deadlantis, where we meet a VERY different Virgo, one who had not become the Grand Paladin yet, and was nothing like what we knew him as. very meek, and almost nerdy really.
  • @TamTroll I don't ever remember Gwenith going through the ritual to become the grand paladin, Correct me if I'm wrong but she hasn't yet has she?
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    @TamTroll ; except thats not exactly how the spell is explande to work. she will die but not instantaneously. that is what i am saying. we see pablo struggling to recall how they are and what is going on. and that is what i believe we see happening to Gwenyth in the purge preview. it explains also this finalgift the description of the spell even mention that you merge your self's over time. and what we see seems to point at that as well. how is the original grand paladin no idea but is betting on Bruise. the white hare could be from him as Virgo didn't use to have it before the transformation
  • @P3per she did between grand paladin order and the beginning of the purge. the ritual itself probably happened offscreen, but unless something throws a spanner into the works, it definitely happened.


    That's how everyone was TOLD it worked. everyone, including Gwenyth was told that it was merging the souls and memories of the previous grand paladins with the new one. This was a lie, cue the line "The priests told me what comes next. What is wrong with you? How could you not tell me about this?" It`s all a giant lie. As Nader says at the end of GSPI: "The grand paladin would be born again, but Gweynith sunsword... would be dead."

    What we see with Pablo is "Pablo" trying to keep up the illusion that he isn't actually Marydeth (or whatever her name was) which he is. "Pablo" throughout the entire campaign is actually Marydeth in Pablo's Shell, Acting (Poorly) as if she was her husband (Who is now dead).

    In essence Marydeth's body is the corpse we see. but Pablo's mind and soul are dead, as Marydeth's entered his body.

    and since the whole thing was a trick played by Quintara'lotus for fun... i'm not actually convinced there was ever was a Marydeth or that the spell was ever actually used... hard to say on that point.
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    @TamTroll  ;"The priests told me what comes next. What is wrong with you? How could you not tell me about this?" It`s all a giant lie. As Nader says at the end of GSPI: "The grand paladin would be born again, but Gweynith sunsword... would be dead." yeah she will die. nothing here is saying she dies instantaneously. Marydeth's is pretending being Pablo and Pablo is dead but nothing ones again is saying he die instantaneously. and the way Marydeth is acting is clearly more than just acting, as she is constantly being confused. what could be happening is that the spirit of the first grand paladin is slowly taking over Gwenyth has her mind ans soul withers away.  "The priests told me what comes next. that points to here already started the process. 
  • @LexderMob ; "The priests told me what comes next. that points to here already started the process."

    Not really? i interprited it as this is her before the process, having been put in a room while the priests prepare the ritual. "what happens next" refers to what happens after the ritual begins, not what happens "later on" in the ritual.

  • Wow, that campaign was fantastic. Millbee is now my favorite player.

    Also that ending, wow...
  • This was a pretty fun campaign. From all the lawyer silliness to the salazar cameo and how deadbones did the backstabber part. Pretty fun overall.
  • @LexderMob @TamTroll

    Whay Lexder says makes sense. "What Comes next" could entail a sequence of events that occur as the result of becoming the Grand paladin which could include Gwyneth's mind slowly fading. So she becomes the vessel for the grand paladin and "what comes next" is that she dies.

    The only problem is that Gwyneth stated that she "wouldn't push this into another of her kin" indicating that she could still decline but has decided not to. This means the letter was written before the ritual. 

    I love how insignificant this conversation is since this is such a minor detail that wouldn't make much of a difference to the story

    Butt i also love all the minor hints that galen says throughout the campaign such a when he mentioned how it felt as though his father has been dead for a very long time. 
  • what i'd like to know from a meta perspective;

    Was it always planned that this would be what the Grand Paladin was? Was it planned since Virgo was first made? Since the Grand Paladin Order? Senate of Deadlantis? Or was it a more recent invention?
  • @TamTroll it was probably planned from at least before the paladin order campaign. I suspect that out was probably planned alongside the planning for bopen since there are similarities between how the grand paladin works and how bopens curse thing works. So rusty means the cobblers campaign would be the earliest hunt at this story plan. 

    Then there is also dalfgan to consider, dalfgan was introduced in the okagnoma guild hall and he is imprisoned by the sunswords, and the grand paladin specifically holds the password into the realm of shadows. I wouldn't be surprised if the mechanics of becoming the grand paladin wad planned from before the start of season 2. Maybe they couldn't trust the minds of the new grand paladin vessels to hold the secret. 
  • Ah man, Virgo's behavior in Senate of Deadlantis surprised me, sure people change but it seemed so drastic, awesome to think that it was probably a purposeful hint to what the grand paladin ritual entailed.
  • @PufflemoreHe broke the fourth wall in the stinger *wink wink*
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