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If you won the next DD, what would your Avatar be?



  • Probably my most known and favourite forums character Xeros (elf form) 
  • See, it would go one of two ways for me. Either I pick the one character that I successfully managed to mostly roll on the website because I'm sad and still don't have Tabletop (she's probably the world's smallest Gnomish bard. :D ) or, if I wasn't feeling it when asked about the avatar, I would probably quickly make a character based off of what was in the show (Elf campaign? Gonna make a elf!) but there will be a eyepatch over the right eye, gotta reflect myself irl at least a little bit!
  • I'd love myself as a Dwarf with a Pizza in one hand and a  NO TRICKS sign in the other.
    Embrace the memes! 
  • Literally just one of my MC skins over another one lmao
  • This would be a tough choice. But if I were to answer here and now, I'd go for a Kobold wearing a Sombrero... wait fuck!
  • Franky, the Black Boar Bard who has a 'fire and ice' personality and rocks his way to the top of the BotB using his trusty lute. I'm thinking about how to make his face unique but for now he does have a sweet wresting robe with a bluefire pattern on the button.

    His preferred way to break out in song is legendary, as he slides onto the stage, knees on the ground, with a pyrotechnics show and two hot Keen babes on his shoulders. And the song's only just begun.
    If his performance doesn't quite win hearts and minds, his intimidation tactics take care of the audience at a later point.
  • Id like a dapper snobold
  • probably the sandbold icon with a spear crying in her hands or something like that
  • I'd like to have a really cool Cowboy Groundbold with a :T face, just like last campaign's Groundbold that appeared.
  • Alright, So. I would either go in two direction

    The first is a dwarf with scars over their right eye and his hand preparing some sort of magic. He would be dressed in torn up regal garbs and have a small look of insansity in his remaining eye. But the real twist is, he’s a purplish black color. Kinda darker then Quintara. 

    The second would be a male beenu. Now, this can only really work if you can customize this beenu pretty heavily I guess. But I would be a vulture beenu with a pretty large wing span. It would be either a King’s Vulture but it’s feather’s darker. Or a turkey vulture (pretty sure that’s the name of it). This vulture would hopefully (and maybe for a few laughs) have a monocle. But because beenu’s get arms! He have so pretty strong and shark claws that he walks on as feet or could use as their hands.
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    Depending on extenuating circumstances behind the scenes that I don't know about, such as if these will be real characters in the universe I'm almost positive I would know what to do (No spoilers since I'm definitely going to win of course) If it just a cool avatar/ a personal OC than I would chose a giant hulking zombified monkey fish. Think almost Swamp Thing, but a zombie monkey fish. I am very subtle.
  • An elf resembling myself with the Mark of the Unforgotten where my eyes should be. If I ever am invited to the Order of Chaos, I plan on conversing with Maelstrom, Ourouras and the other sinned extensively and want my avatar to reflect that.
  • A barbarian warrior who wares the Chitin of a creature the resembles a Volcarona as armor. So basically a giant moth armor including the wings. I suspect it can't look exactly like one otherwise Rawb could in theory get in trouble with Reggie from Nintendo but so long as it was in the ball park I would be happy.
  • I would definitely go for something of the Troll Persona i'm named after here. sliiightly worried it would be weird since Troll's aren't a canon race in Urelms, but that's probably what i'd ask for at least.

    Now if only the livestreams could be done on a date other then the second and fourth Saturdays of the month so i could actually have a chance at the divine decision and not be at a real-life D&D game :P
  • @TamTroll could always make it an ogre with only one head right. 
  • It depends rly on how limited we are in what we can have. If limited to just avatar variations of existing ones then I'd be the hairy, battle-scarred porc I made and have grown fond of. If however we have free reign over any sentient beings, then I'd definitely be a Spider as those guys are badass (possibly one akin to Venomburner for the added pizazz).
  • @Toruk ehh... i guess? would really not enjoy that option though.
  • @TamTroll Right. Just it popped into my head cause as you said, we really don’t have cannon trolls, so was thinking of a way around it
  • I'd go for an Elven hydromancer, but what it looks like is yet to be decided. Probably like a cloaked mage or dressed in a pinstripe suit. 
  • I would honestly be torn on what to choose, I don't really believe I will be chosen. But if I somehow beat the odds and get chosen, I would be torn between an Elf and a Kobold... Elf because I have this wicked idea of a female wizard Elf with brown hair, blue eyes and a robe that is black with purple runes etched in, and Kobold because I love the race in general but I have no specific ideas on how I would want the Kobold to look.

  • Probably an ageless wizardy kinda guy, tome in one hand, other hand clawed with a sphere of Dark magic in the palm with the fingers having the other 5 elements wisping off.
  • a crazy monster loving gnome researcher. how that would end up looking i cant really say 
  • A train but it's E V O L V E D.
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    just a normal gentlemanly keen with a tuxedo 

    with a really sinister shadow that is smiling behind him 

    or a pot puppy with a tuxedo and a creepy pot puppy shadow 
  • Honestly depends on what's allowed. I'm going to guess straight away that I can't be a literal Shuckle. However perhaps I can resemble a Shuckle in some way. 
  • I am curious as to what's allowed.

    I'm assuming it would probably just be between normal character creation options, but you never know.
  • i came up with a new idea. i would want to be the Hat-Rat Duke! might not be possible but Rob Damn it( instead of God damn it) i want it.
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    I'll probably want to Six's interpretation of my original Sgt. Slow avatar design (Currently working on a redesign)
  • gnome wearing a black and red suit with a red monocle coving one eye (and if allow that where the sin will be) with a matching bowier hat and cane. 
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