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Where are you on the Alignment Chart?



  • @Toruk the thing is. Im not going to remain chaotic of if acting logically makes sense  or lawfully if i want to help someone who needs it.  I just also happen to enjoy the darker sides of humanity to. I like the dark, neutral and light. A kind, neutral sadist. 
  • @Fera true. I don’t know what you act likemso ai just went off what you said and an idea. But I can understand that way of thinking that you can fit in more than one
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    Okay a 14, chaotic neutral.
  • I don't believe in this alignment system for us Old Gods. I rather think we are one one of 4 paths (maybe all, if you are like that, somehow). You are either a Chaos Agent, Law Agent, Neutral Agent or Righteous Agent.

    Neutral Agent is one where you believe in your own stance and your own opinion, willing to work with which ever agent you like.

    Righteous Agent is one where you have a strong justice and freedom approach to everything, this can be believing strongly in the Grand Paladin Order's methods or Bopen's methods (These being the main sub-groups for this type of agent).

    Law Agent is one who wants a story that is structured and ends the way it should of ended, Rob's way. These agents dislike the Chaos Agents for what they do to the stories and usually love letting the characters in story decide their own path.

    Chaos Agent is one who loves making the story unpredictable and chaotic, messing with the character with visions and whispering secrets into their minds. They love causing chaos and wanting to decide what the character's story is, not them.

    For me, i am mainly a Chaos Agent, with a hint of being a Neutral Agent. After all; Chaos Reigns Supreme!!! Chaos Shall Rise!!! Chaos Will Win!!! (Please note, this is my idea of the alignment system for us Old Gods, it may not work for you but this is what i believe thus i am entitled to my own opinion :3)
  • I just want to matter.
  • @MrAnything01 So, I guess I'd be Righteous-Neutral? :peace: 
  • In real life, Probably either Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil. I try my best to be a generally nice guy, but I tend to be a bit of a selfish jerk.
  • @friskyBrisky Sure, you can be whatever you want to be.

  • So there's Neutral Good and Neutral Evil, but what happens when you are Neutral Neutral? Sounds like a pretty weird name for an alignment if you ask me.

    I'm definitely not Neutral Neutral, but I wanna be a Neutral Good kind of guy.
  • @knguy It's called True Neutral.
  • I like to feel like I am True Neutral, but to be honest I'm probably more of a Chaotic Neutral.
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    @Toruk :D an open minded person.

    I feel like confusion on this would come from assuming that if someone is even a little chaotic then that overrides lawful. 
    While i could say that I'll take the personality i fancy at any moment,  i wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people still aligned with one more specific type. 

    @Maris you are lawful good.  I saw your hugs thread. You can't hide it. 
  • @Fera Heh... I suppose I don't really get to say I'm depraved when I have a hugs and kindness thread. But I'll hide it as long as I can!
  • @Maris so if we tried too get the thread taken down....  >_<

    (Why did auto correct change thread to tortured. Now I know where my phone sits) 
  • @Maris wait there is a hug thread O_o
    more olaces I must hide from to avoid certain person from randomly hugging me *cough kari cough* 

    @Fera That is a possiblity and explains why many so far have drifted to chaotic. But there are few that generally are. But if that logic would be true, more would lean to neutral as they are a mic of the law but have aspects of chaos within them right. 

    Now as for having two specific types, agreeable, as your not always the same and can change your way you act in certain situations. like for me, I could be lawful evil in certain cases, using any means to make sure it is the right way, or just being the arbiter of it all and not really caring with true neutral
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    @Toruk Shameless hug plug. Hey is that enough to make me not Lawful good!?

    *Hugs pillow*
  • @Maris *Shameless plug into my gm threads* Wait. Retired. Right XD. 

    But nah you always gonna be lawful good probably. Accept your fate with the Law!  >_<
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    @Toruk @Maris should i even ask? :ughneena: 

    Oh i thought shameless hug plug was part of the @Toruk ;
  • @Fera wowwwwwww  :|
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    @Toruk What?!
    It's not like there is    nvm can't type XD

    Ok, in my defense,  there is no indication on mobile that a user tag and hyperlink are seperate untill you've clicked it. 

    I suppose a space gives that away but it didn't seem obvious
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    @Fera fair point as a mobile user as well
  • I have no idea..... probably somewhere on the Chaotic side, possible Chaotic Neutral I think is the best for me
  • whispers Chaos Reigns Supreme, Chaos Shall Rise, Chaos Will Win
  • @MrAnything01*Hisss* Order must be restored through any means. 
  • Unless the Beenu come back, then no Law shall be restored! @Toruk ;
  • @MrAnything01 Yiu have your beenu, their name is ghost blade
  • Nunteral good due to as long as there no fists flying idc what is going on
  • Personally i think I'm a neutral good
  • Lawful neutral, I will follow the law, but I wont do anything to enforce it.
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