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Eye of Javitra (Deset/Ruins/Ancient/Oasis/Palms)

Aloha! I present to you the ancient ruins of the great city of Javitra: ancestral home of the Sandbolds! This map is brought to you by @knguy . Thank you for your suggest and I hope it is to your liking! It was my first time drawing sand dunes and my second attempt at drawing mildly realistic water, tell me what you think! Baha now I feel like I'm just yelling at you guys!

Here are some of the new art assets I made for this map:

IF YOU ARE HERE FOR THE RAFFLE, PLEASE READ: You can only roll ONCE now instead of three. The last few maps were sniped within the first 4 rolls so this way more people can get a shot. Thank you for understanding.

Map Raffle: First to roll a 20 in this thread can suggest the overall theme and location for the next map, you can only roll 1 time, the maps aren't commissions so please do not claim them as your own if you do happen to win the raffle, don't disrespect the winners suggestion, and I maintain the right to veto any suggestions I deem unacceptable. 

And as always:
This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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