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Where are you on the Alignment Chart?

I'm surprised nobody has asked this before. I was curious to ask how many "attacc, murder, and chaos" kind of old gods there were as opposed to the "protecc, save, and law" kind. Where are you guys on the alignment chart? Here is one for reference.

I think I am a lawful neutral, or a true neutral... no, definitely lawful.


  • Chaotic neutral no question
  • I’m either true neutral, chaotic neutral, or neutral evil.

    im definitely not lawful, or good.
  • I try to be True Good.
  • Lawful Evil probably
  • Chaotic Evil for sure.
  • I am surprised that the law was able to apprehend the murder bros with this many evil enthusiasts. 
  • @PyreStarite The money of the law talks
  • I'm taking that Chaotic Good stance, I want all of our precious boi's and grills to survive and have fun especially that pot puppy bless it's soul. Alas I love taking risks nothing like a good gamble and you know you have to go ALL IN or not in at all.
  • Neutral evil fits me to a T.
  • Definitely chaotic neutral when it comes to urealms. I just want to be entertained and will go with whatever option seems the most fun. I honestly love nothing more than when something causes the campaign to go off the rails.
  • In all things I do, I try to be Neutral Good. I'd say lawful but that sounds like too much effort.
    So maybe I'm just Neutral Tired. :)
  • Depends on the moon phase.
  • Probably Neutral Good or True Neutral. 
  • Probably True Neutral. 
  • Chaotic Evil, since I want to see Bopen and Maelstrom bring war and chaos to the realm.
  • @Caprikel that is.. a really fancy picture you got there Caprikel. Guessing it is for all the people who win the dd?
  • @Toruk
    Yeah, it's a custom avatar that DD winners get. So far, I think it's just @TaeyRurj and I who have them completed.
  • Chaotic neutral because we should always choose the most entertaining option.
  • i hope i´am Law Neutral. but am pretty shore that i am the type of person that with the right push i could go ether good or bad with relative ease. so trying hard to aim at the direction that fits the moment as i feel it creates a nice balance.
  • I'm not sure I fall into any one category. I mostly just root for what I think the best story will be. I wanted the murder bros to win, but I also like Gwyneth and the Sunswords.
  • Either of the following: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Neutral Good or True Neutral. 
  • I am very strict with rules and fairnes so lawful good or lawful neutral
  • Lawful neutral. I obey my own rules, and will never betray my ideals, but they don't align with what is commonly thought to be 'good' or 'evil.' Besides, ethics and morals are relative anyway, so I don't bother taking a moral highground, just a utilitarian one.
  • True neutral
  • I am about as surprised at so many comments as the fact that nobody had done this before.
    Alrighty then, unless the cast would like to reveal this themselves, but what alignment do you guys think the URealms stream players are?

    Me thinks that Ramen is Neutral Evil and Milbert is Chaotic Neutral.
  • @PyreStarite I agree with Milbee as Chaotic Neutral. Romain eh.. he is more true Neutral in my opinion. 

    Question of the day is really, what is dead bones
  • I vary. Sometimes erratic. Sometimes choicing how to act. I could want to help. Or enjoy your pain.  Can I really fit into just one category? I personally feel it wouldn't make sense.
  • @Fera its more like what fights you best. And kinda by that statement maybe neutral chaotic by the unpredictability of yourself toward either side?
  • I view Ramen as kind of self-serving. How much is sarcastic or joking is up for debate, but this is why I say he is Neutral Evil. I would assume that Deadbones is at the least Lawful, but not Evil. Rawb might be chaotic/Evil.
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