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Campaign Thread: Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



  • I feel like Rob is trying to show us that we don't have to donate to everything. If the final donation event did or did not go off would it have made any difference. Did we all jump the gun and and donate and make snap choices with out thinking of what could happen. I did not expect the outcome for Gwyn, and there might have been no way to think of her outcome. Now we have to expect everything.
  • I fell asleep half way through the chase :( 

    super cool campaign tho, probably the most enjoyable this season.
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    I think this is going to be one of those campaigns I appreciate more as lore is established. Not to say it was not entertaining but during the stream I was never edge-of-my-seat engaged. It seems like the sort of story that sets up a major ripple effect for the future.
    P.S. Groundbold forever. It was the only choice I would not regret regardless of what won.
  • Quoting Rob while he played crime puppy's turn:

    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, hey Lyn, 6..." Was Lyn actually there? Have I misheard? Would she have died if that bomb went off?
  • Lyn’s token was there. However, rob mentioned a time skip between then and the bomb, so she may not have been killed
  • Great Campaign as always. Just one question. After chase there was an animation of Quin killing someone, What was that about?
  • That was a hilarious campaign. Both Milbee's and Roamin's character really stood out in the campaign. I am so disappointed Roamin never used his legendary. Awesome Music and Art.  Man that 80% funny and 20% serious is really working. That ending.

    I wonder how two sins on one body works. If one allowed the Old Gods to communicate with the characters, would there be any significant change with two? Would Galen also lose his mind and "die" like his sister?
  • Not guessing the right animal for the race kind of made me sad
    But I got over it
    but muh accolade
  • Also, it didnt feel good when the great idea of putting the puppy in the race was denied because of a donation event. I can understand why that happened, but you didnt even roll for it or something
  • Great show! I really enjoyed it. A big thank you to everyone who made it possible! 
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    @Kavaholikas There were two donation events, and the one that was donated to the most would trigger. One was that an assassin would shoot one of the players with a laser beam, inflicting a brutal death roll (coin flip with head being life and tails being death), and the other was that someone would kill the assassin without anyone finding out. The latter one won, so while everyone caught up to the Pot Puppy Master, an assassin attempted to kill one of the players but was killed by Quintara Lotus offscreen.

    With the ending to the campaign being what it is, it might be that Quin didn't want anyone to ruin her fun show.
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    I want to mention the fact that everyone watching the show could play those gambling events and not just those who donated for it, that is just such a fair and respectable thing to do. You go, Rob and team!

    While on this note, re-using the DD for these kind of events is such a clever idea. Rob definitely showing off his game designer skills. I like that.
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    What are the odds that the would be assassin was Lyn and you guys all donated to have her unceremoniously killed off screen? A fitting death for a career assassin.
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    Although this was one of my favorite campaigns, I kinda missed combat which surprised me. I used to think that the combat was nothing more than a time filler, but Rob has made the combat so much more enjoyable to watch and I only realised after the campaign just how much i enjoy combat. So hats of to Rob, I really love the direction this show is going.
    I hope I can see this show/game grow for many more years.
    Cheers ~_~
  • @NovaXII yeah i think a lot of us wanted Roamin to use his legendary, but it was kind of against his character, which is why it was like 4:1 on people wanting Roamin to be the villain since that would probably make him use it.  I like the story we ended up with, method actor Deadbones best villain.
  • Method actor Deadbones was a hilarious way for his character to end up as, but I'm so glad it did since it's probably one of the best antagonists we've had so far.
  • So, I'm kinda surprised in all the comments so far, but... No one has brought up that Galen now has TWO SINS. What does it mean when only one person has two sins? So far all of them have been spread out between multiple characters, but now Galen has 2.... Could he end up like Maelstrom? He already does have cognition of the Old Gods, but would this make his paranoia just as bad as the Now dragonfied Kobold? THERE MUST BE ANSWERS!!!
  • what was the favor galen wanted?
  • I loved Spiff's character this week. I feel like Spiff in general is such a great addition to the cast, she's just such a fun personality to have around.
  • @Dall There was no way of putting the doggo in the race software so he could race with the other animals. Rob literally said that no roll would be good enough to get him in because it was already set up with other animals.
  • @Alpernoth someone made an ENTIRE THREAD for this theory. At the end of the show you only see one sin mark on his forearm so in my opinion you wouldn't get another one if you already have one.
  • @Dall Roll for it? I the guy who ran the casino said they don't allow pot puppies in their race, why would I roll for that?
  • @Meganzoor
    Didnt rawb say at the end of the campaign the 2nd mark appeared on his right arm?
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    Does anyone have a link to the donation events? Want to read them as I watch. I'm unsure but it looks like the wiki is missing some of 'em
  • It was a great show. I quite enjoyed it. :3
  • @Jakodio I'm pretty sure you misheard because I don't remember that but if you can find it in the Twitch vod let me know :3
  • around 05:35.40 when galen used spiff's greater lay on hands.
  • @Jakodio ???? either the time you linked is wrong or you misheard something because I don't say anything like he gets a second mark here? I said his arm HURT after he cast the spell cause you know, thats where the mark is.
  • Just a thought on how timed events could work, why not start the donation with a large amount and decrease the amount after each round of combat. i don't know how difficult or complicated this is to accomplish. Just a thought. BTW what was the deal with that guy's head being crushed? plz tell xD
  • @Megalomaniac they were an assassin that would of caused a brutal death roll if not killed by Quintara
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