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2 Sins? {SPOILERS}

So Galen most likely has two sins now. His first came from resurrecting Heathera in GPO and his second came from resurrecting Barringster lawyer boy in the most recent campaign. What does this mean for him? Does he have double meta is there no added affect or do you think he just didn't even get a second sin? Discuss below.


  • Well I imagine he'd be able to see things beyond what others with sins can see. I'm pretty sure that bit at the end with the Divine Decision back in GPO he did actually see, which means he could see the decision making process itself. Or maybe he can see the entire forums! That's scary.
  • Well here is something interesting. "BE WARY OLD GODS. While Characters with your mark cannot die, these marked Characters will slowly lose themselves to become your servants overtime." That is from the Born To Sin donation event in Lyn Azveltara Gaiden. So I think Galen will be going down at double the speed, becoming a shell much quicker than the others.
  • @ShepardCom
    Hmmm interesting, he did seem kind of..... shelly...... while reading Gwyneths letter
  • Rob said that he got a cut on his other wrist so i guess he sinned twice.
  • Wait, are marks the same as sins?
  • i'm fairly certain Galen has to sins, he revived 2 people. 
    but we don't know how having 2 sins is different than having one.
  • At this point, it seems like this question, unless answered directly by Rawb, will only really be answered by another character committing a sin and what happens to them. IIRC, (assuming that Galen now has two sins) the next time a character is brought back, something will happen to them. If nothing happens, then we know that a person can only have one sin. I guess we'll just be in suspense until another one happens.
  • If this really is the 5th sin, then the next time anyone fails a deathroll in a campaign, a fate worse than death will befall them.
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    @HxFearNoFishxG next death triggers it not next sin(assuming he has a second sin now who knows though Rob might not even know yet)
  • I think that a second sin will just make him lose his mind quicker, like it doesn't change the nature of the curse, just amplify it...
  • Even though he is more likely to bend to our will faster, Galen clearly didn't seem to be someone who is a fan of the old gods at the end there. He may do anything in his power to not let us do... whatever with him.
  • He already seems to be loosing his mind
  • Galen technically only saw the paintings and heard whispered numbers with one sin but with two he showed us that he now knows about us and what we did to his sister
  • @The_456744 To be fair that would have been the case with or without the second sin
  • @RenAFK It would have been the case without it but things can change the lore in unexpected ways
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