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[SPOILERS] strange person in galen sunsword

Senator Daedric Tarcial'Embeart is in the crowd of people at the market. what does this mean for the elfs in the city and the rest of urelms? ;


  • I think it was probably just a random tile that Rob put in to fill up the crowd.
  • Yeah, we never interacted with them in anyway to confirm what their name was. If we are going to become strict on tiles then they would have to make 100's of new tiles for scenes like that which would delay campaigns so much for such a small role. This isn't the first time this has happened in URealms. Basing what characters were where based on that is from a very meta level.
  • It's just a random tile of an elf. It's better to see a bunch of different tiles then the same one over and over.
  • @Rob is this the same for Lyn? You specificly mentioned her during the campain.
  • @Rob wait, would Galen see them as a random elf or as the tile elf? With his sinned knowledge I feel that would be up for debate
  • Speaking of Daedric though, in the Mana Arc video, Lyn mentioned seeing Daedric, so does that mean she has a spy in Deadlantis? If so does that mean this campaign takes place before the Senate of Deadlantis?
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    The main theory going around is that Bob saw Daedric in Deadlantis. He mentioned being one of Lyn's Assassins in Azveltaria Z, so it's possible Lyn has the lovers bond with Bob without him knowing, letting her see Daedric. @Caprikel
  • I'm sure some urealms fans want to be a random person in Galen sunsword
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