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Campaign Thread: Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



  • 1 hour 5 min on countdown
  • whats the link to watch from the site?
  • @Jakodio It'll pop up on the main site when it's ready. No link required. :)
  • @Mega_muncher Regarding the new race divine decision, I highly doubt it. The way The Sandbolds was structured, it's likely that the two choices would have been Sandbold and Beenu, since the Sandbolds were asking Quintara about bringing back the Beenu and both races have no way to reproduce. It would be very difficult to fit a similar decision into an elf city campaign in a way that makes sense.
  • Guys I think I just figured out the numbers Galen was thinking about. It's the numbers from Caprikel's The Numbers thread on the Order of Chaos board. I don't remember all the numbers but I'm pretty sure the first ones rob said were the first ones Caprikel posted. Besides, that thread is now gilded and closed, which I think means that thread is gonna be answered/used.
  • @ClaymoreHouston They are. Galen is absolutely hearing the Numbers @Caprikel rolled.
  • so Quintara is the catalyst of the murder. The Great Pupper Doggo is responsible for the mail puppy
  • I checked the companion cards for the race and it did me well. Tarandos and Skull Bash for the win!
  • I was able to catch this campaign but I could not log in. Does it use twitch account or URealms account?
  • @PyreStarite if you click watch on the site and your logged in then it will be recorded that you watched it. 
  • That divine decision, 3:1 odds and still went trough
  • @Laito Congrats, yoare the chosen one
    I voted Roamin but I'm not even mad, it's too good.
  • Just realized that since the detectives are all lawyers and not detectives, We're basically just watching Urealms; Tango and Cash
  • URealms: Perry Mason Edition. Millbee is Paul Drake. :P
  • Chaos reigns supreme
  • I really liked the length of this campaign.  

    I was hoping more elves would die though. 
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    YOU COWARD, Galen
    The priests told me what comes next. What is wrong with you? How could you not tell me about this? I can understand why you did not become the grand paladin but I will never understand the cowardice of running away and leaving me to die without saying goodbye. I have no choice now. I will not push this death onto Lance or another one of our kin. You chose me to die after all and I must complete the ritual to resurrect Father wait. This means no. Our father has been dead all these years hasn't he? You knew that as well didn't you? You knew what the grand paladin was all à this time and you said nothing to me. Was I ever important to your life Galen? Did you hate me? Goodbye brother.
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    That was amazing. Good show. Really hit that good 90-10%

    Also, question, can someone, Galen, get two sins? Would it maybe be transferred to the revived character?
  • Funniest campaign yet in my opinion, especially Milbee's performance. That part where he played the Old Lady's Lawyer and investigator was so very hilarious.
  • @Snarky ;so seems like they don't know of lance's fate yet then.
  • I'm still so fucking sad about Gwyneth. Like, she's not getting a happy ending at ALL. 
  • I mean, you could have her get a "happy ending" in a fic or something lol
  • I mean, yes, but that's not as good! @Nemenya
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    To be fair, this is Urealms. Happiness doesn't happen for long.  >:)
  • @Nemenya To paraphrase a famous Robot:

    "Death is the only end. Choose it wisely."
  • Honestly, the best ending we can give a character is assassinating them with a quick and painless death just after something great happened for them. @friskyBrisky ;
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    So i had a bit of an idea floating around in my head since the end of the campaign and was wondering for the thoughts of the community.

    Final campaign donation event spoiler.
    What if, for the passcode donation, Rob had asked Caprikel whether or not the code would defuse or detonate the bomb, and put a disclaimer of "only one old god knows the fate that awaits this outcome" 

    Would you have donated? Would you have been upset if the outcome was not favorable?
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