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Are You All In?

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All In - $250

Gambling for a Suspect (3rd Act): Galen walks up to a roulette table and places a giant bag of gold pieces on 22 Black. Anyone who donates to this event is betting all of the XP and Gold they will earn this campaign on whether or not the remaining Party Members will survive until the end of the campaign. If any of the remaining Players, Galen or even his crime dog die, you will receive no XP or Gold. However if you win you will triple your bet. 

Warning: In the Gamemasters opinion, this is a bad bet. I would not take this bet.

Curious how many people are all in. I am, and I already regret it  >:)


  • Nope, Rob will probably target the puppy.... and I'm a coward.
  • I have no money to go in, so no.
  • I could afford to do it...

    But it's too risky when there's every chance that a single bad die kills it all.
  • All in is the only way to go
  • I also bet on turtle ;-;
  • Curious to see who are All In & won the race. Make yourself known!
  • Poor idea. If you dont go all in, you get full XP either way. There's no downside. The upside to betting is x3 xp, which is reasonable, But if they fail, then you get nothing. It's not worth it.
  • Oooo, a dangerous donation battle has emerged threatening those who have gone All In!
  • Ohohoho, this divine decision is gonna throw a wrench into all our All In plans. This'll be interesting.
  • yall lose now, someone gotta die
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    @Ymnar Not necessarily. Chaining people up like proper authorities isn't out of the question—just much more difficult than simply killing.
  • I just realized all in can drastically alter the top20 leaderboard. imagine you won the race, and then also win the all in bet. thats three full levels of xp you just got.
  • I'm not throwing in the towel until the stream ends. I can't trust anything.
  • There we go. That's a wrap, and what a wrap it was.

    I'm still curious though! Who won big with All In & the race?
  • Unfortunately lost the race
  • Know I did  :)
  • I went all in and I bet on the moose
  • I went All In but I failed the bet on the race (went elephant) - still at least two levels from the campaign!
  • If you picked the correct one was it 10k exp?  I had to pick the damn turtle I love gambling and I've picked every divine decision with the right outcome but this...couldn't resist my #2 Shelly boi.
  • I didn't go all in, but I chose right in the race so its fine.
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    I went all in. I figured that since I already have an avatar I love and a decently high level for DD's, the money and EXP wouldn't be much of a loss even if one of the characters died.
    oh, and I went for the Groundbold in the race (yes, I read the whole descriptions, but I suspected a trick could happen, so I picked pretty much at random)
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