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Giving away a copy of Tabletop Sim!

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If you don't already know, Urealms is played through a steam game called Tabletop Sim! It's a $20 game, which is a lot to some of you guys, so I'm giving a copy away! Anyone can enter, even if you have own the game (just please give it to a friend, maybe try to get them into Urealms). This does require you to add me on steam to allow me to gift you, so if you don't want to do that, I'm sorry, I don't think I'd be able to give you the game (meaning you shouldn't enter this raffle, you have to have someone added to gift them). Worry not though, if you do want to enter but not keep me on your friends list, you can always unadd me after.

With the mod coming out in the future, I'm sure you guys would love if you had a chance to play, so it's the perfect time to grab a copy of tabletop!

To enter, just post in the thread. If you want bonus points (which won't do anything at all), tell me your favorite Urealms moment! Thanks for being an awesome community guys, I'm glad to be giving back!  ;)

-Everyone congratulate @snarkyslytherin for winning!


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