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Whats up with the ''Blood Tears'' (if you talk about pizza here i will kill you)



  • blasphemous or believer would be pretty good. Either it doesn't believe in us or does but can't comprehend the fact that it's a believer (like what rob planned with the evil nisovin idea)

    What about it becoming a follower of a dragon aspect, because there are 6 possible attributes that would do that. Would it give up on us?

    How about tiny
    Or suicidal
    Maybe rebellious

    I kinda like how we could ruin this character with attributes.
  • I don't know about the attributes, but the class obviously has to be Sea chef
    How else is he supposed to meke our pizza? 
  • Magician or little hat trick for that Rng.
  • Nah it’s got old god bs written all over it.
    which means we have to make them a Buccaneer, because then they’ll be the only one, and it’ll be awesome
  • What if we made a sandbold?
  • they should stay dead
  • @Revoltman
    What if we made a Fluffbold? That way they're canon.
  • Its to make a special pizza that rob orders for every old god watching the show obviously
  • Didn't we already get a glimpse of what it did in The Purge? A Jimmy was resurrected with the name of a fan, seeming pretty powerful, though Rob had to immediately ret-con that because of a mistake, so we didn't get to see much of them.
  • @KaeawynShifter I second this notion.
  • I doubt rob will allow us to create a character that is a non cannon race
  • Technically gnolls aren't canon yet and we have that choice.
  • the character creation process is completely different then normal urealms. you guys get to make a divine after all and so this means you also have to decide what they are even going to do in urealms. the idea is there will be a stream where step by step you guys get to pick between multiple options over and over again until we have made all the required elements of the character and the direction of their story. 
  • This character we get to make should be Cachecol the woven one.
  • You guys think this divine would be aware of us or not? Would they just happen to make the things we choose or would they know about us and do them for that reason? Or maybe that would be a choice...
  • @Maris
    Given that the Dragon Aspects are at least vaguely aware of us, I'd say that yeah, the incoming divine we make (who is also supposed to become 'the leader of the Order Of Chaos', y'all've been forgetting that part of the donation event) will definitely know of us
  • Oh yeah I did forget that.
  • we could make a character that will IMPOSE JUSTICE UPON THE LAND by killing criminals and people who don't contribute to society 
  • actually it would be better if we made the character with the express propose of taking over the world of urealms and making it as entertaining as possible for us old gods 
  • Entertainment is important.
  • Can we just make a chef.  Otherwise it gets too complicated when it comes to making pizza canon 

    Cachecol the Chef could work
  • if this boi/grill is gonna be leading the order of chaos they gotta take over the world in the most entertaining way they can
  • @KaeawynShifter nice triple contraction there. 
  • @Dolfinmaster
    contractions are like a pizza, you only need three things, in the case of pizza those three are sauce, cheese, and pineapple, but y’all’ve Is good for contractions.
  • the character needs to be called alexander amefist or orrrr pineas barinvard 

  • It's a good thing @KaeawynShifter reminded us, or else y'all'd've gotten egg on your respective faces.
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